Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Airline Industry’s Moral Downward Spiral Continues

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) has forced itself into far too many industries and the results have not been good. The bottom-line problem with DEI is that it places race, gender, and gender dysphoria above competence. It is essentially a numbers-based initiative to increase the quantity of people of color, women and LGBTQ persons into an industry.

I have written about this many times and every time I do the logic against it is so blatantly obvious to me that I have concluded that even those that champion it, know that it is wrong. Sure, they will trumpet the benefits of it, but I’m convinced they are only doing so for reasons other than competence.

Under current standards, a company may find itself being turned down for a business loan because of its diversity rating rather than its financial standing, and that is flat out wrong. Any business in this day and age, is going to hire the best person for the position regardless of race or gender. I do admit that I can see companies hesitating on the hiring of a trans candidate, only because there is an instability associated with their decisions and mental stability. I know that statement may garner some haters, but anyone that openly denies science and biology and throws reality out the window for something as subjective as “feelings,” needs to be viewed with a very wary eye.

I say all of this because the airline industry MUST rely totally on competence. This isn’t Amazon where someone is shipped cat food instead of dog food. This industry from top to bottom, MUST be beyond reproach in every aspect, from engineering, to maintenance, to flight attendant knowledge, and of course to the pilots. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The poster person for this industry demise is the CEO of United Airlines, A woke embarrassment by the name of Scott Kirby, who is now famous for his cross-dressing. United, as reported recently by Lifesite News, is being sued for “bullying” by unvaccinated employees. According to the lawsuit:

“In late 2020, Kirby began trying to leverage [the COVID] crisis for United’s benefit by publicly discussing a potential vaccine mandate. In January 2021, without telling his executive team beforehand, Kirby made national headlines by stating that United should mandate a COVID- 19 vaccine for its 60,000 employees.”

“Employees who sought medical or religious exemptions from UAL’s mandate were soon treated as pariahs. They were sacrificed on the altar of Kirby’s quest to “advertise a 100 percent employee vaccination rate after deciding that marketing was more important than its employee’s civil rights.”

“United’s actions had their desired effect, as bullying and harassment became commonplace across United’s workforce. Ultimately, the record is clear that United’s employees felt free to criticize accommodated employees when they saw their CEO doing the same thing. In order to create a workplace that would coerce compliance, Kirby even proposed requiring accommodated employees to walk around with special stickers on their badges broadcasting their vaccination status.”

When not practicing his exploits as a tyrant, Kirby is hard at work ramming the principals of DEI down anyone’s throat that will listen. In a 2021 interview in which Kirby is seen boasting about his company’s “diversity, equity and inclusion” agenda, went viral on social media last month, according to Fox News.

In that video, Kirby said United had pledged that 50 percent of its pilot classes would be “women or people of color.”

He went on to say that currently only 19 percent of United’s pilots were women or minorities, although he then congratulated himself by stating that this rate was the “highest of any airline in the country.”

Michael Seifert, founder and CEO of PublicSquare, posted the clip on X with this caption:

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby says they want “50 percent of their hires to be women or people of color.” He doesn’t care whether or not they can effectively fly an airplane, all that matters is race and gender. DEI is going to get people killed.”

Not long after Seifert’s post, the Libs of TikTok posted a video on X that showed the husband and father of seven dressed in drag performing a Lady Gaga number. On the post they wrote, “This is Scott Kirby, the CEO of United. He’s a drag queen and has been incorporating drag into United. This video should tell you everything you need to know.”

Despite his track record of employee persecution, questionable behavior and illegal hiring practices, the United States Air Force Academy has asked Kirby to speak at The National Character and Leadership Symposium (NCLS). This is an annual event held by the Academy that focuses on preparing the next generation of leaders for “honorable living and effective leadership.”

The theme for this year’s (NCLS) is “Valuing Human Conditions, Cultures, and Societies,” which, according to the USAFA website, explores “what it is to be human and what qualities good citizens and leaders should have.”

Kirby’s bio on the NCLS website says that he “played a pivotal role in enabling United’s cultural transformation and executing the company’s strategic growth plan.”

The bio seems like something that Kirby has written himself. Perhaps the Academy should pay more attention to current events rather than the narcissistic written word of woke drag queen.

If these are the types of character choices that the U.S. Airforce is making to speak to our cadets, I fear for the future of our fighting force as they take flight in defense of our nation.