Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Ousted Bishop Has Prime Opportunity at 2024 CPAC

In November 2023, whom the world knows as “Pope Francis” ousted one of the most faithful Catholic bishops in the world from his post, unjustly removing him from his responsibility as shepherd of Tyler, TX.

In its soulless, Mockingbird way, TMZ had this to say about the situation:

In fact, just the other day … Pope Francis said he was cool with transgender people getting baptized into the Catholic faith, and even signed off on them serving as godparents to Catholic kids, assuming it wouldn’t lead to any “scandal” as he put it in his remarks.

Strickland, who’s very old school, said the pontiff was “undermining the deposit of faith” with all these moves … and it sounds like his Holiness had had enough. You’re out, Strick.

“Strick” (how despicable) may be out on the surface, but he still continues to shepherd his flock, and for his good work he has just been tapped the keynote speaker of the Ronald Reagan dinner of the 2024 CPAC later this month. We are hoping that he takes the opportunity to go beyond spiritual platitudes and actually get aggressive in shedding light on the God’s honest truth about globalism.

It is not in his character, admittedly, to go in that direction. He is more docile with his words than say an Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. But still, the opportunity is there. The political world and the world of the Church is colliding, and people need to know that side of it. The CPAC will have so many willing and listening ears to impact, both Catholic and non.

Around the world,  priests are being cancelled, silenced, and stripped of their ministries — essentially eliminated, just as the Mockingbird media and Big Tech have done to dissenters in the past. It is all the result of corrupt (at best) bishops who are actively working to advance the globalist “shadow Church,” the spiritual component of the Deep State I cover so much in my work. A culture war, indeed a religious one, has been unleashed on the world long ago, and maybe the most representative illustration of this is “the pope’s” vicious and ongoing attack on the Latin Mass, Latin seminaries, and any Catholic who dares believe in Apostolic tradition in its purest and most extraordinary form.

Providentially, there still remain bishops who are faithful to the ancient teachings and deposit of faith despite the war against common sense, brave spiritual soldiers like Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Bishop Strickland and Archbishop Viganò, just to name a few. The time of persecution is not just on the geopolitical stage; even if you are not a Catholic or even a religious person, know beyond doubt that the persecution Traditional Catholics are undergoing right now impacts everyone and everything raging on the world stage at the moment.

Did you know about this, for instance?

New Report Details the Extent of the FBI’s Weaponization of Law Enforcement Against Traditional Catholics

The shadow war we are in isn’t just a binary conflict pitting Democrats against Republicans, sovereigntists against globalists, or constitutionalists against non. An integral component of this war not often talked about is what is going on at the Vatican and beyond–the conflict between what Traditional Catholics believe is true ancient Christendom and the 1960s revolution-inspired Catholicism both espoused and degenerated by “Francis.”

Of course there are disagreements even inside these two camps, but for conversation’s sake, I continue with the binary.

Traditionalist Michael Matt of The Remnant Catholic Newspaper has followed the flirtation between “Pope Francis” and none other than WEF leader Klaus Schwab, perhaps the most insidious character you’ll ever come across in this ongoing narrative war:

In my new Remnant Underground, I make the case that there is only [one] force on earth capable of stopping the demonic Great Reset.

I am referring, of course, to authentic Christianity.

The Great Reset is first, foremost, and fundamentally antichristian, because it seeks to bury the old world order of Christ and Christianity beneath a new world order of Man and Technology.

The real crisis today, however, is that Christianity has become so badly battered, fragmented, and infiltrated that it lacks the strength necessary even to defend itself, much less withstand the Globalist builders of a New Order.

So, what are Christians dutybound before God to do in this dire situation?

First off, if this Great Reset is to be stopped dead in its cloven hoof prints, it is going to require a good deal more of us than Bible reading and making joyful noises unto the Lord. It is going to require an organized and universal proclamation of the social Kingship of Jesus Christ.

Why do you think Klaus Schwab and the WEF expend so much effort recruiting Francis and his representatives to join their green and transhumanist revolution? It is because the organized old order of Christendom – if it ever were to be revived – would efficiently dispatch with the Great Reset in a very short period of time.

The Globalists need to make sure that never happens, thus their feverish push to coopt the last vestiges of organized Christianity. Thus Francis’s frantic efforts to crush the Latin Mass — the touchstone of Christian civilization for nearly two thousand years.

The Christophobes simply cannot pull this off without Francis, which is why the Christian “clans” must unite against the diabolical Davos/Vatican Pact.

We are all called to resist Francis, in other words. In fact, even if you are not Catholic, you must still resist the Globalist agenda of Pope Francis.

This is what Strickland should speak to–he should highlight the persecution of clergymen around the world as a representation of the Luciferian persecution the globalists have in mind for all of mankind.

If Francis’s brand of Catholicism is what was intended by Vatican II, all Catholics had better take a long look at what they are doing and what they are following. I say that with true agape love. There may be a reason many Protestants feel the way they do toward us. This is why I attend the Latin Mass. This is why I live according to older liturgical calendars and feasts. First of all, that “faith” has led me down the road to perdition my entire life, a life I sometimes am not at all proud to look back on. But less personally, I don’t want any part of this new age, modernist religion–because it is going in the direction of everything I have warred against for four years now, maybe longer–the globalist maniacs trying to take this world over.

It was what Bishop Strickland was relieved of his duties over–his challenge of this emerging new religion under Francis. He spoke Jesus Christ, and he was crucified for it.

Anyone floating the notion that this is all just conspiracy theory hyperbole need only refer back to 2020 and 2021 to see how much power these ghouls can wield when they are maneuvering around and through an unsuspecting public. Tucker Carlson recently had this to say:

“If you believe people are the problem, then that is, of course, a genocidal spirit. If I believe that the problem with my kitchen is it has too many mice, the solution is to kill the mice. Too many roaches. I kill the roaches. They’re the problem. They’re the impediment.

“And so, make no mistake. And this sort of tracks with what I was saying earlier. Don’t lie to yourself about the agenda. If people are the problem and you’re a person, then your life is in the way of whatever goals they’re seeking to achieve by definition.

“Am I missing something? No, I’m not. But all of us — it’s so grotesque because, to further elaborate, in one sense, it’s a demonic spirit. Just to be clear, any spirit that seeks to hurt, kill, divide, or demoralize other people is a demonic spirit by definition. So that’s what animates it. You’re the target. And don’t lie to yourself.”

And then notice how different things can be when we fight back, as the Stricklands of the world are doing, as many of us have done since the truth about the “vaccine” started reaching more and more eyes, as is happening right now with the WHO, who is afraid their insidious Pandemic Treaty won’t pass because of “worldwide conspiracy theories and misinformation.”

If Tucker Carlson, who is known for being a political pundit, has the courage to talk about the demonic spirit and globalism, then Bishop Strickland–dubbed “America’s Bishop” and the most visible symbol of the Church’s persecution at the moment–should as well, and the CPAC is that gargantuan opportunity to do so.

Catholics should take special note of a publication such as National Catholic Reporter, which wrote a hit-piece, not on the dissident Francis who is doing everything he can to overturn the 2000-year-old deposit of faith and confuse well-meaning Catholics everywhere, but on the faithful Strickland.

“Strickland’s strident rhetoric and hardline positions may have torpedoed his episcopal career, but they also endeared him to conservative and right-wing Catholics who liked his outspoken and blunt approach to ecclesial and political matters.”

For the world does that not sound just like what a Pharisee might have said in a hit piece about Jesus Christ himself?

As he hung on the cross?

When he speaks at CPAC, Strickland should seize the moment to speak to Catholics and non-Catholics alike, heralding the truth of what unholy allegiances Francis is making on a global scale while he severs with his tyrannical sword any shepherd preaching the true Christ. If America’s Bishop does this, he will invite a whole new faction of Americans into the realm of truth concerning a war that is much more diabolical than we are allowing ourselves to realize.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.