Sunday, April 14, 2024


Harvard values continue to closely resemble a flushing toilet. I have written no less than five articles about this leftist cesspool of school over the last eighteen months. They have checked all the boxes of disfunction. Everything from racial biased admittance procedures, to antisemitism, to the president’s denial, it goes on and on with what was once perceived to be a premier U.S. School.

Now they have proven themselves to be the epitome of disfunction. Even when they do something right, they prove themselves to be lost in ignorance.

Back in 2016, a Harvard professor published a study that found no evidence of racial bias in police shootings. Then, as he puts it, “all hell broke loose,” and he needed police protection. The professor in question is Roland Fryer, an Economics Professor at the school.

The study examined racial differences in non-lethal uses of force, such as “putting hands on civilians, (which includes slapping or grabbing) or pushing individuals into a wall or onto the ground.”

The research found that Hispanics are more than 50 percent more likely to have an interaction with police that involves any use of force than whites. The study also found that blacks are 21 percent more likely than whites to be involved in an interaction with police in which at least a weapon is drawn.

However, when it came to police-involved shootings, all minorities were found to be less likely to be shot at by an officer. The research revealed that blacks are 23.5 percent less likely to be shot at by police than whites. Meanwhile, Hispanics were 8.5 percent less likely to be shot at by police compared to whites.  

“Partitioning the data in myriad ways, we find no evidence of racial discrimination in officer-involved shootings. Investigating the intensive margin, the timing of shootings or how many bullets were discharged in the endeavor, there are no detectable racial differences.”

Truthful results, but in typical Harvard fashion they did not jive with the lefts agenda. In a recent interview, he revealed how bad things got for publishing the facts. How bad? Well even though Fryer would become the youngest tenured black professor for Harvard at the age of 30, after publishing the study he needed police protection for his family.

Fryer clarified that the researchers in the study gathered millions of observations on non-fatal use of force and thousands more observations on the use of lethal force. Of course, none of that made any difference to the bigots. Race violence is a trump card for them, and Fryer was threatening that.

In an interview with Bari Weiss, Fryer said, “I realized, people lose their minds when they don’t like the result.” He went on to say that he was surprised by the results and that he “expected” to see bias towards blacks in police shootings.

To validate the results, Fryer hired eight fresh researchers to ensure the results were correct, and the results stayed the same.

Fryer put it this way, immediately after the 104-page economics paper with a 150-page appendix was published, “All hell broke loose.” Within four minutes of publishing the paper, Fryer received an email that read: “You’re full of sh*t.”

He stated that even colleagues would take him aside, “I had colleagues take me to the side and say, “Don’t publish this. You’ll ruin your career.'”

The hostilities toward him were so intense that he required police protection for about a month, including his 7-day-old daughter.

“I was going to the grocery store to get diapers with the armed guard. It was crazy. It was really, truly crazy,” Fryer confided during a recent episode of “Honestly, with Bari Weiss.