Friday, April 19, 2024
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LAKEN RILEY MURDER: UGA Was Warned About Security

The University of Georgia (UGA), in Athens, just had its first homicide in 30 years, and the victim’s name was Laken Riley.

Laken Riley, as you likely already know, died at the hands of an illegal immigrant. 

Members of a local nonprofit, SafedD Athens, are beyond frustrated. They told UGA President Jere Moorehead the following in a letter:


SafeD Athens members also expressed their frustrations in a petition on

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“We personally told you, [Vice President for Government Relations] Kevin Abernethy, [Associate Vice President for Public Safety] Dr. [Dan] Silk, and [Director of Community Relations] Alison McCullick that we never wanted to get to the point to say. ‘We told you so,’ and here we are,” members of SafeD Athens wrote. 

Among SafeD Athens’ suggestions:

• Immediate heavy police and public safety presence to make all feel (and be) safer until the perpetrator is caught. 

• Order a full safety assessment for on and off campus. 

• Contract for Block by Block Safety and Outreach Ambassadors immediately piloting two zones at first — on campus and downtown Athens (consider other hot spots, trails, green spaces). Share cost with ACCGov to which we can provide that more in depth. 

• Begin a Safe Zone model to include full integration of UGA’s cameras for intervention, not just investigation, with ACCPD’s real time crime center. The latter to be coordinated immediately. 

“Emotions aside, steps above are carefully vetted, measurably successful solutions, Instead we are at the point of reacting when we hoped UGA would take a proactive approach to enhancing its security posture and mitigate risks,” SafeD Athens wrote. 

“Anything else but above solutions, is not enough. UGA and ACCGov (Athens-Clarke County Unified Government) are continuing to fail the campus and Athens communities.” 

UGA officials, in a press release, said they have, among other security measures, invested $16 million during the past eight years to hire more police officers and install more security cameras.

“We are committed to doing even more,” UGA staff said.

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“Earlier this week, we approved an additional phase of lighting improvements and security camera installations, and we will continue to evaluate our safety programs for further enhancements. This is an ongoing and exhaustive effort.”

Laken attended UGA as a student until May of last year, when she transferred to the Augusta University College of Nursing at Athens. She remained actively involved in her sorority at UGA.

As it pertains to Laken Riley, U.S. Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA-10), who represents the area, speaking on Real America’s Voice on Monday, issued a warning to parents.

“I don’t think 90 plus percent of the tens of thousands of parents who sent their kids to Athens, Georgia understand that that is a sanctuary city,” Collins said. 

“If they did know that then that would have played a bigger role in where they would have sent their child to get a higher education.”

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