Sunday, April 21, 2024

Liberal Left Seeks Megaphone In Time For 2024 Election

George Soros is the left’s version of Snidely Whiplash. A hidden puppet master that manipulates from behind a curtain of secrecy. From quietly bank rolling everything from judges, district attorneys, BLM, Antifa, politicians and even school boards, Soros is a dangerous criminal that hates the United States and therefore loves everything about the left.

Recently, the Soros Fund Management team purchased what would be the controlling stake of the second largest radio broadcaster in the country once they emerge from bankruptcy. The company, Audacy, owns 220 radio stations including such well known names as WFAN and 1010 Wins in New York and KROQ in Los Angeles.

The New York Post reported that Soros Fund Management purchased $400 million of Audacy’s $1.9 billion debt. The bankruptcy hearing is scheduled for today and that purchase could give the Soros Fund a 40 percent stake and the majority in the company.

Neither Soros nor anyone from his company offered an explanation for the sudden interest in controlling 220 American radio stations. The Post, however, spoke to an insider, who considers himself a Republican. The source told the Post he thinks it’s possible Soros might be trying to exert more influence over the upcoming 2024 presidential election. “This is scary,” he told the Post.

WOW, … Really?! I’m not putting the source down, because he obviously has a very keen sense of the obvious, but you don’t have to be Nostradamus to figure this one out.

OF COURSE, he intends to exert more influence over the elections. This is what the man lives for. He has a long, sordid history of funding leftist causes, and has also been accused of using his vast fortune to influence American politics and elections. Soros has funded far-left organizations such as the Jewish group Bend the Arc and the pro-abortion “Catholics for Choice,” and is one of the largest donors to the Biden campaign. During an interview with Joe Rogan, Elon Musk claimed that Soros “fundamentally hates humanity.”

The man has a long and sordid history where he often displays a mercenary mentality. His allegiances are both self-centered and new world order centric. His opinion of himself is delusionally high even admitting in an interview that he “fancies himself some kind of God.”

Soros is dangerous for three reasons. First, the man is totally delusional and believes whole heartedly that peasants like you and I have no place in his perfect world other than to act as servants. Second, unlike many others, he actively pursues the goals that will bring that two-tiered world of elites and servants to pass. Third, he is wealthy and will fund any project, no matter how far left and deranged it is.

Keep in mind, the left is being used right now by the elites to bring a new world order into existence. What they perceive as free thought and free will is nothing more than a pestilence that the left has unleashed to disrupt society. They are the unwitting virus that if left unchecked will bring about the downfall of mankind as we know it.

What the left doesn’t realize is that they are pulling the world in on themselves as well. They are acting as unwitting tools for the elites. The left believes that those that are giving them the power now will have their backs all the way, but that isn’t true.

Here’s a quote from a favorite movie of mine that left should remember concerning the inevitable problems they are going to encounter going forward.

“When the Fox hears the Rabbit scream, he comes a-runnin, …. but not to help.” 

Those on the left need to think about that.