Sunday, April 14, 2024

Moronic Democrat Wants $50 Per Hour Minimum Wage

Liberal Democrats are masters at combining irrationality and arrogance, complemented by a deliberately poor memory. They can implement horribly bad strategies and then act as though they have no memory of it and blame it on someone else.

Enter Rep. Barbara Lee, a Democrat that is running to replace Diane Feinstein in the U.S. Senate. On Monday, in a debate that included two other Democrats, Katie Porter and Bug-Eyed Adam Schiff of “Russia, Russia, Russia” fame, and Steve Garvey a Republican and Former MLB star, Lee espoused her nonsense.

Sighting a report that was conducted by the United Way, Lee tried to justify the absurdity of her demand that the U.S. government mandate that businesses pay their employees a minimum of $50 per hour.

“In the Bay Area, I believe it was the United Way that came out with a report very recently: $127,000 for a family of four is just barely enough to get by. Another survey very recently: $104,000 for a family of one, barely enough to get by because of the affordability crisis.”

“Just do the math!” she argued.

We’re assuming that the math that Lee is referring to is multiplying $50 x 40-hour work week x 52 weeks which equals $104,000 per year.

See, we can all do the math. However, that isn’t the answer. California’s cost of living problems are not the rest of the country’s problem and trying to justify forcing employers to compensate employees for an unsustainable atmosphere created by liberals is blatant stupidity.

Liberals have a great love affair with regulations. This red tape and the need to dictate how people live their lives is answered by businesses having to raise prices. The other two Democrats on the stage also demonstrated their idiocy, just not to the same extent in this case. They both support a minimum wage of $20-$25 per hour.

Steve Garvey, the only Republican at the debate, tried to take the other three by the hand and shepherd them back to reality. He attempted to explain that the marketplace is not made up of individual vacuums and when you alter one aspect, it forces changes everywhere.

“If you look at what California has done to fast-food franchises right now: increasing the minimum wage to $20. Then what’s going to happen? That’s going to increase costs for hard-working Californians to go to a franchise. Instead of a Big Mac for $9, it’s going to be $15.”

That’s exactly what is happening in California right now. Whack-job and ultra-liberal, Gov. Gavin Newsom  signed into law a bill forcing national fast-food chains that operate restaurants in California to raise their minimum wage to $20 per hour, effective April 1, 2024.

Naturally, the inevitable happened. Pizza Hut operators responded to the law by announcing plans to eliminate their delivery driver workforce. This meant laying off between 1,000 and 1,300 employees. Also, McDonald’s and Chipotle announced plans to offset the cost by raising menu prices.

Chipotle Chief Financial and Administrative Officer Jack Hartung clarified that fact on an earnings call. “We anticipate wage inflation will tick up to the mid-single digit range as California wages go up around 20% in April this year. We know we have to take something as a significant increase when you talk about a 20 percent-increase in wages.”

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas., laughed at the suggestion, writing on social media Tuesday “why not $500 per hour?”

Commentator Dave Rubin chimed in with another truism, “California is a clown car of stupidity,” he jeered 

Lee, like all liberals want to govern in a fantasy world. They are nearsighted to reality, unable to see the harm they do by bending like a sapling to every whim that blows past them.

She and her liberal cohorts have created the mess that is now California, which of course they conveniently forget, while trying to blame others. The mass exodus from the state will continue, lowering the tax base which will ultimately cause one overreaction after another by the incoherent left.

The state has become a morally corrupt, financially crippled dog, that is endlessly chasing its tail. Math isn’t the problem; a total lack of leadership and common sense is what the state is lacking and those traits can’t be found on a calculator.