Wednesday, February 21, 2024

That Didn’t Take Long: Tampon Dispenser Removed In Record Time

Apparently, liberals have never watched the movie “Kindergarten Cop.” In the movie Arnold Schwarzenegger is an undercover cop that poses as a kindergarten teacher. Within a few minutes of his first day in front of the class, one of the little boys raises his hand. When Schwarzenegger calls on him the little boy blurts out “boys have penises and girls have vaginas,” to which Schwarzenegger replies, “thanks for the tip.”

That movie was released in 1990, and apparently some sort of supercharged evolution has taken place, but only among liberals. Because in the short span of 34 years what would normally have taken millions of years has already taken place in their minds. Men apparently can now menstruate and even get pregnant.

When it comes to La La Land scenarios, the left is unmatched. The problem is that they have convinced rational people to become irrational and have succeeded in even getting laws passed that support this nonsense.

At Brookfield High School in Connecticut a tampon dispenser was installed in a boy’s bathroom this week. This was done in accordance with a state law that essentially is meant (get this) to allow for menstrual equality. The law mandates that menstrual products are to be provided in women’s restrooms, all-gender restrooms, and at least one men’s restroom for students from grades three to twelve.

The dispenser was installed at 9:00am in the boy’s bathroom, but by 9:54 sanity was restored. The teens had torn the machine off of the wall and left a trail of tampons on the floor.

The student or students haven’t been identified, but according to  local outlets, disciplinary action is planned for what many consider heroes.

The snowflake principal, Marc Balanda, called the act “an egregious instance of vandalism and destruction of property” in an email he sent to the students and staff.

In overly dramatic and flamboyant fashion, Balanda wrote:

“DIS-heartened, DIS-mayed, and DIS-gusted are the adjectives that come to my mind. I am aware that the law says ‘men’s bathroom’ but the actions today that led to vandalism and destruction of property were the work of immature boys, not men.”

“We have a list of suspects and believe we know who is responsible. There will be consequences.” He then added that there have been instances of property destruction in the boy’s bathrooms recently, including the “breaking of stall door hardware, soap dispensers ripped off walls, and various objects stuffed in toilets. Use your words to start a dialogue rather than using your hands to destroy something. In this particular instance, if you have questions, please let me know,” the woke fool wrote. 

Connecticut Senator Rob Sampson opposed the proposal last year, referring to the policy as both “idiotic’ and insane.” 

In a Facebook post he wrote: “I voted NO on this when it was first proposed and last year, on the last day of the legislative session. It was one of many amendments I offered in an attempt to reverse this insane policy. Sadly, my amendment was voted down and this is still the law.”

Where are we as a society when ideas like this are even tolerated? This is a high school principal emailing students and staff that STUDENTS are going to be punished for rebelling against a tampon dispenser being installed in a BOY’s restroom.

These people are bringing on the end times, they will be stopped one way or another.