Friday, April 19, 2024
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Corrupt Biden DOJ Doesn’t Deserve Benefit Of The Doubt On Alex Smirnov

One of the more discouraging developments since Joe Biden’s inauguration has been the devolution of the Justice Department and in particular the FBI, which have become sad and pathetic institutions in America. While most of the people who work at those once-revered law enforcement branches might be honest and hard working individuals, the utterly corrupt, incompetent leadership of the FBI continues to run interference in US elections for the Democratic Party.

Worse, there has been no sign of any change in culture since it was exposed that the now-infamous Peter Strzok/Lisa Page text messages and fake Russia investigation were spearheaded by the FBI’s higher-ups. The Russia hoax was almost certainly the weightiest scandal in American history, and its exposure has had no effect whatsoever on that agency.

This is why the Justice Department’s latest attempts to run interference in the upcoming 2024 election by continuing to try protect the corrupt Biden family should be come as no surprise. It’s also why no one should take seriously anything DOJ does when politics is even in the same zip code.

We’re talking here about Alex Smirnov.

It’s at least suspicious that the sudden arrest and prosecution of Smirnov should occur just as it became necessary to keep a key witness from testifying in the ongoing impeachment inquiry into Biden and his family’s corrupt business activities.

Smirnov is such a key witness in this investigation for multiple reasons. The trusted FBI informant who has worked with US law enforcement agencies for a long time has made several key allegations against the current president and his family. The main allegation that Smirnov made against Biden and his corrupt family is the Joe Biden and his son Hunter both received five million dollars from the corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma when Hunter was sitting on the board for “protection.”

Smirnov’s allegation is that the $10 million in sleazy Burisma cash preceded Biden’s well-publicized pressure to fire Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor who was looking into corruption at the company. You’ll surely remember this…

The Justice department recently moved to indict Smirnov only after the institution became aware that he was coming to the US to testify in Comer’s ongoing impeachment inquiry.

The US attorney spearheading this effort is David Weiss, whose office is clearly corrupt and has been protecting Hunter Biden for years, as the recent IRS whistleblowers revealed. Weiss’s office has indicted Smirnov for allegedly making inaccurate statements in 2020, which makes it highly peculiar that he should have picked right now to pursue an indictment.

Just as Smirnov was about to testify, dontchaknow.

Smirnov was arrested upon entry to the US, be he was released on bond, before, in a completely unprecedented series of events, he was arrested again. The Justice Department made sure to get Smirnov before a judge who wouldn’t grant him bail the second time, despite overwhelming evidence that the key witness is not a flight risk at all. Smirnov voluntarily came to the US to testify, he’s not facing significant jail time for the recent allegations that have been made, and the – this can’t be stressed enough – very recently trusted FBI informant has also said he’s willing to go under 24 hour surveillance while he is out on bail. Despite these facts. Federal Judge Otis Wright reversed the previous decision of a magistrate judge in Las Vegas, and Smirnov has been remanded to custody while he awaits trial.

The Biden regime and his corrupt Justice Department are right to be afraid of Smirnov, and the Justice Department’s allegations look baseless. Smirnov has always had connections with Russian intelligence; that did not keep the FBI from trusting him repeatedly as an informant for years. The fact that Smirnov has connections throughout Ukraine and because he has been a trusted informant of the FBI for a long time makes him a very unique witness in this ongoing investigation.

There have also been allegations that there are audio recordings of Biden negotiating bribes with Burisma executives, and Smirnov will likely have information on that revelation as well.

The extreme lengths that the Justice Department is going to try to keep Smirnov from testifying strongly suggests that the corrupt Biden administration is well aware of how damaging his testimony could be.