Friday, April 12, 2024

The Wrongful Smear of Rep. Josh Schriver

This past week, Michigan’s Democrat-majority State Legislature attempted to cancel Michigan State Representative Josh Schriver. Rep Schriver is a young “America First” Republican who ran for elected office in 2022 and won! He now represents Michigan’s 66th State House district.

Unfortunately, Michigan’s Far-Left political leadership stripped Rep Schriver of his committee assignments last week for reposting a meme on Twitter/X. Michigan House Speaker Joe Tate removed Schriver from the House Natural Resources Committee.

Rep. Schriver reposted the following meme from Turning Point USA contributor and Human Events editor Jack Posobiec.

The original post from Jack Posobiec points out the obvious truth–that 3rd world immigrants are flooding Western countries (namely the United States, Canada, and Western Europe).

However, Leftists even admit that the “Great Replacement” of native-born Americans by third-world migrants is real. After “Fake News” Leftists started attacking Rep Schriver, Jack Posobiec posted the following two-minute video of Leftist politicians and commentators openly discussing the Great Replacement:

So whenever Leftists talk about the Great Replacement, that’s okay. But when Rep. Schriver reposts a tweet about it, then it’s not okay. The complete hypocrisy on display here is staggering.

Rep Schriver’s office posted this official statement on Twitter/X regarding the situation:

In his statement, Rep. Schriver condemns actual racism, but that fact didn’t stop Democrats and Leftists from disparaging Schriver.

The Left’s pile-on against Rep Schriver has been heavy. Numerous “fake news” media outlets have continued to smear Rep Schriver in the past week. Even Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer wrongly attacked Rep Schriver’s character.

Our “America Last” Regime will ruthlessly attack anyone who speaks the truth in our crumbling country. Rep. Schriver’s situation highlights this reality, and “America First” patriots must support him in this trying time.

If you want to learn more about Rep Schriver’s situation, then please watch his recent interview on the Human Events Daily show with Jack Posobiec:

Anyways, thank you for reading today’s article. May God Bless Rep. Schriver and God bless the United States of America!