Thursday, July 18, 2024

VIDEO: The Tucker Carlson Interview

We actually did this in January, and at the time Barack and Michelle Obama had been in the news for earning executive-producer credits on that bizarre Leave The World Behind movie for Netflix. Tucker Carlson’s people contacted me about doing an interview on that subject seeing as though I’d literally written the book – Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s All Obamaavailable at Amazon – on the subject of how Barack Obama has been the single most influential, and detrimental, figure in American politics, economics and culture of the past two decades.

So we did the interview, and almost immediately after that Carlson’s people go the go-ahead to do the Vladimir Putin interview, and their schedule got awfully hectic awfully fast. As our interview was perhaps a little more evergreen than some of the others, it was a bit of a wait for this to appear.

But it’s out, and now yours truly is on the roster of people Tucker has interviewed.

For the full 19-minute segment, go here – it’s behind the paywall at, but it’s really a very good interview and worth your time.

And actually, Carlson’s site is worth subscribing to if you’re not already a member. There’s a ton of great premium content in there.


I’ve been doing a ton of interviews out there to promote Racism, Revenge and Ruin. Later this week I’ll post a couple of other really good ones – one with Ron Coleman and one with Christine Dolan.

EDIT: They told me that doing an interview with Tucker would be good for book sales, and they were right, apparently. When I checked Racism, Revenge and Ruin’s page at Amazon Sunday morning, the book was No. 1 in two categories and 486th of all books on their platform.

Not bad.

Feel free to grab your copy today.