Sunday, April 14, 2024

Americans Betrayed By Non-Profits

Nonprofit organizations are generally viewed positively as they are considered selfless entities that depend on federal funding and donations, all of which are supposed to be used for the betterment of a specific cause. This should mean that donors can be assured that their money will be spent on the exact purpose for which they donated.

“It’s unfortunate that in 2024, one must approach with skepticism any claims made by these “selfless organizations” that should be addressing a specific issue. For example, La Jornada, which operates from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Queens, describes itself as an organization that “helps migrants navigate through complex asylum processes and other legal procedures.”

On the company’s website, it states that La Jornada is “committed to justice and equality” adding that “we strive to provide comprehensive support and expert guidance to those seeking safety and opportunities in a new country.”

Apparently, that “help” includes filling out residency documents for a man without procuring any form of identification from him. A video shot by and obtained by The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project appears to show the nonprofit organization, La Jornada, saying that distributing such documents is against the law but then proceeding to do so with another person the next day.

The video also shows the organization distributing paperwork to get a government-issued New York City identification card through the city’s IDNYC program. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine illegal aliens obtaining IDs using phony names to hide their true identity.

The video is narrated by founder Anthony Rubin. He spoke to some employees of La Jornada trying to obtain residency documents. He tells one employee that a friend confided in him that he could obtain or buy those papers from the organization.

The conversation went like this:

“How can you buy that here?” the woman states. “No, you could do your process of asylum.”

Rubin then asks the employee, “Not possible here?” 

The woman then responds, “Buy papers here? No, we cannot do that. We could help you do your documentation if you need to get a Social Security or work permit.”

However, later in the video, the woman is seen telling Rubin:

“You cannot go asking how much is the residency we sell, because that’s illegal that’s something that you could do that you could get in trouble. That’s not what we could do. They will think we are doing something illegal.”

The plot thickened when the next day, a Mexican associate of Muckraker’s went back to the La Jornada office in Queens. Another employee gave the man residency and IDNYC paperwork although he hadn’t produced any form of identification. In the video, the man is heard giving only his first and last name to the organization’s employee.

“Do you have a first and last name? Nothing else? Only have Jose Rubiano?” she asks.

The man states that is all he has.

The La Jornada employee then replies, “I’m going to get this signed and then I’ll be right back.”

A short time later, the employee returned with both residency and IDNYC cards containing the name “Jose Rubiano.”

Muckraker’s Rubin offered this explanation as to why illegally facilitating residence and official identification cards is so problematic.

“Anyone, from someone seeking unauthorized employment to spies, saboteurs, or even terrorists, could obtain a government-issued ID by visiting La Jornada and acquiring fraudulent papers,” Rubin said. “This risk also includes those who enter this country legally and overstay their visa.”

This issuance of these fraudulent documents facilitates illegals voting in local elections. In New York, it requires a 30-day residency. It’s distressing to realize that this is only one organization and that hundreds across the country use taxpayer funds to clear the way for illegal immigration. Last year, Rep. Grace Meng, D-N.Y., secured $250,000 in federal taxpayer dollars for La Jornada.

It’s a true misrepresentation for people to believe that conservatives are against immigration. Conservatives are all for controlled “legal” immigration but are firmly against illegal immigration, as all Americans should be. What is taking place at our borders since Biden was placed in the Oval Office is nothing short of an invasion. Even if you don’t consider the economic burden, the threat of terrorism is very real. At this point, we have no idea who has penetrated the sanctity of our nation nor what sinister intentions they are harboring.

The border crisis alone is horrifying, we don’t need taxpayer-funded organizations like La Jornada aiding and abetting them.