Sunday, April 21, 2024

Americans Dissed, Governor Moves Illegals To Front Of The Line

Being a legal American citizen used to means something. The invasion of illegals that the Biden administration is allowing is diluting the meaningful aspects of that honor. Cities are overrun and stretched beyond capacity, placing citizens in danger through increased crime. Uncontrolled theft is forcing prices up and businesses to close. None of which is helped by the revolving door justice system that liberal judges and state attorney generals have put into place.

Criminals are now treated as victims and victims are treated as though they deserved whatever has befallen them. The United States from even a decade ago is in many ways is unrecognizable. Liberal Democrats have not only turned many American cities into hell holes, but they have also attacked the moral fiber of the country through all, types of depravity, not the least of which involves child mutilation.

Always looking for another indignity to inflict on hard working Americans, Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York, has decided to move illegal aliens to the front of the line ahead of American citizens for 4,000 available state jobs. Apparently, Hochul does not understand the word “Illegal.” These people should not be in the country at all, and she wants to give them jobs over “Legal” Americans.

In January, Hochul hatched this cockamamie idea for the state to hire 4,000 illegal aliens for entry-level state jobs. Even worse, Hochul approved eliminating several requirements for illegals to be eligible for the jobs, including the rules requiring applicants to take the civil service exam and to have a high school diploma have been eliminated. According to Spectrum News, the Civil Service Commission approved the plan on January 18.

Hochul then attempted to justify her reasoning by claiming that:

“Hotel owners and restaurant owners coming to me: “Can you send some of the migrants up here? We need them.” I hear this in every corner of the state.”

Right on que, New York City’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams jumped in saying he also favors the plan to lower the bar to get illegals into government and private sector jobs quickly.

“I would love to get migrants and asylum seekers to help with the lifeguard shortage. We’ve been successful in getting almost 30,000 people to file applications, including work authorization, asylum, TPS, we want more.”

As we all know there are three stooges, so to complete the trifecta, New York State Senate Labor Committee chair Jessica Ramos, a Democrat, contributed her worthless two cents.

“I think that every single New Yorker that can and wants to work should be able to work, especially, I think, when we start looking at our state jobs and how many of them are readily available.”

So, after calling people that have entered the country illegally “New Yorkers,” she went on to offer this nugget of idiocy.

“In a state where we see that income inequality is worse than ever, we had 120 billionaires in New York state prior to the pandemic, we’re up to 135 today, that only means that more money is being hoarded, It is not being circulated in our communities.”

You would think that it would be impossible to have three morons of this level in these positions of authority. The Governor, the Mayor, and the Chair of the State Senate Labor Committee, but then again it is New York, which explains everything.

If there are so many jobs available, why are they not prioritizing American citizens? They are willing to put illegals into government and the private sector with reduced requirements and somehow in their simple minds they believe this is a good idea.

It’s impossible to feel sorry for the voters there since they keep putting these idiots in office. Personally, if I lived there, I would question the legality of this. You can’t discriminate based on race or religion in hiring practices, so how can hiring illegals be legal?

It’s a shame but the “Big Apple” is full of worms.