Friday, April 19, 2024
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Do Gun Control Activists Repress Violent Tendencies?

So I’m watching a Netflix documentary, Turning Point, the Bomb and the Cold War, which discusses the many millions of innocent people Joseph Stalin had murdered in the Soviet Union, where gun control was heavily enforced.

People without political power and certainly people without firearms couldn’t defend themselves against Stalin’s oppressive and corrupt government. 

That got me thinking back to my college days. Many of my professors romanticized the old Soviet Union and made excuses for why it eventually collapsed. 

Certain of those professors also used their platforms to push for gun control. They so fiercely believed that only law enforcement officers should have guns.

Then there was that time that one of my professors delivered a lecture and promised to assassinate George W. Bush….IF and when he ever got the chance. Let’s just say the Secret Service heard about it and got involved.

Another professor who joined the faculty at my Alma mater only a few years ago currently uses taxpayer money to author books that tarnish not only guns but also guns owners. You would think this is a man of peace, right? 

Nope. The same professor a few years back tweeted support for the man who tried to murder U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). The same professor also tweeted that anyone he personally considers a fascist deserves violent retribution. A fascist, of course, is anyone whose views don’t correspond with his.

What is my point?

I have good reason to believe these professors have repressed homicidal impulses. I think this is, in general, true of many gun control activists, who seem to have little-to-no impulse control. They want gun control not to regulate other people’s violent tendencies…..but their own. 

Did I mention that another professor at my university once beat a colleague in the head with a brick? 

So, yeah, I don’t have to imagine hard to know what these gun control nuts would do if they had true power. 

The Second Amendment serves as a check and balance on the federal government. 

If you want to reduce the number of gun crimes in this country, then just do what we did for hundreds of years before crime got out of control. Raise your children to have good character. 

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