Sunday, April 21, 2024

Jim Biden’s Recent Testimony Further implicates the Current President in the Biden Crime Family’s Corrupt Business Deals

Joe Biden’s many lies about how his corrupt business dealings with his son Hunter and other family members continue to fall part one by one. The former president claimed less than a year ago that he didn’t know about his son’s business dealings, but that lie fell apart when he met with the evidence that Biden was leaving messages for his son’s associates and meeting them as well. The new line from the White House has been that Biden did not benefit from any of of son’s many corrupt business dealings. This new claim has been proven to be a lie with the new information that has come out as well.

Biden not only lied about his knowledge of his son’s business activities, he met nearly every foreign associate who sent money to his son, but he also clearly lied about whether or not he benefitted from those corrupt deals as well. Here is some of the most important new evidence and testimony that has come out in the last month. Joe Biden’s brother, Jim Biden recently confirmed that his wife wrote a $40,000 check directly to the former President right after Hunter wired his firm money. The money trail is easy to follow, the corrupt Biden family was sloppy. The Chinese government linked company wired money to Hunter in August of 2017, a week later Hunter wired money to a firm controlled by Jim, and just two weeks later Jim’s wife Sara wrote a $40,000 check directly to Joe Biden. No evidence exists to support Jim Biden’s claim that his large and suspiciously timed payment to the current president had anything to do with a loan. Jim Biden has also not offered a credible explanation for what the supposed loan was even for. Jim Biden was forced to testify behind closed doors several weeks ago, and his testimony has clarified this evidence.

The other evidence that directly implicates Joe Biden are the text messages sent by Hunter to Chinese officials shaking them down for money that was sent to Hunter. These text messages were sent from Joe Biden’s home, and Hunter even stated in those messages that his father was sitting next to him at the time of those messages. Hunter sent those messages to blackmail Chinese officials into sending money that was later sent to Biden shell companies. The evidence suggests that the money flowed from there directly into the corrupt current President pockets. The timeline is simple. Hunter sent these text messages threatening Chinese officials in July, and the money was sent to Hunter’s shell company in August. Hunter sent money to Jim and Sara Biden’s companies later that month, and they cut a check to the current president the first week of September.

The pattern seems to be that Hunter was essentially the bag man for the Biden crime family. When Joe Biden had influence and his family made foreign contacts that they thought they could get money from, Hunter’s corrupt deals soon followed. Hunter would then sit on boards like Burisma, and also form shell companies that were represented as consulting firms, law firms, or private equity companies. The money would then flow. The cash flowed from these foreign associates to Hunter’s shell companies, then the president’s son would then often further distribute cash to the other family members, who in some cases would then write a check to the former President. The Biden crime family was as sloppy as they were corrupt, and the facts are becoming clearer than ever now.

Joe Biden lied about not knowing about his son’s corrupt business deals, he lied about not benefitting from, he also lied about the fact that his family never got money from China. These are of course just some of the current President’s many lies on multiple issues. Biden is a congenital liar who has told outright lies or half truths about issues ranging from his claim that he drove a truck, taught University level classes, or was arrested in South Africa during apartheid. All of these claims by Biden have been proven to be false.

The reality is that the evidence continues to grow against the current President. The White House has already stopped trying to pretend that that Biden didn’t know about his son’s business dealings, since that absurd claim was shown to be a total lie. Joe Biden likely lies frequently because he thinks the media will cover-up his lies, but in this era, the corrupt corporate media can’t cover for him anymore. Biden’s cognitive failings, his multiple lies, and the continued incompetency of the current corrupt regime, are all reasons why the president’s approval ratings are at embarrassingly low levels.