Sunday, April 21, 2024

Why none of the Current Trials Being brought against Trump Are Likely to Impact the Upcoming Election

The left will sink to any low to keep President Trump from returning to the oval office. With current polls showing that Trump has a clear lead over Biden both nationally and in key swing states, and Biden’s approval ratings at historic lows, the Democratic party is trying to interfere in the upcoming presidential election with their multiple cases against the former president. Some Democrats will sink to any low to make sure President Trump doesn’t sit in the oval office again, and the left has multiple pending cases against President trump at the State and Federal level.

This is why Judge McAfee’s recent decision to dismiss several of Fani Willis’s charges against Trump in the Georgia Election interference case is important. While McAfee’s recent ruling left the Georgia election case intact, he removed six key charges against president trump, and his ruling caused yet another delay in a case against the former President. The Supreme Court has already stated that the Court will hear President’s Trump’s petition to the court that presidential immunity should keep him from facing criminal charges. The court is slated to hear oral arguments in this case on the issue of Immunity on April 25th, which is a full month later than the March 25th date when jury selection is supposed to begin in the New York criminal trial against Trump for hush money payments to the porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump recently asked the court to delay the trial for this case until the Supreme Court rules on his immunity claim, and Judge Chatkan, who is overseeing Trump’s supposed Election Subversion case in D.C., has already delayed the trial until after the Supreme Court rules on this key issue.

This is also important because Judge Cannon has already made clear that she does not see a reason to move up the timeline Trump’s case over classified documents, and there currently has been no trial date in the Georgia election interference case against Trump. Cannon recently granted Trump another delay based on the former President’s claim that he needs more time to prepare with the New York trial. The current hearings over the conflict of interest between District Attorney Fani Willis and her decision to hire her lover, Dean Wade, as a special prosecutor in the case, are currently pending as well. While the New York case involving alleged hush money payments to Stormy Daniels is scheduled to begin jury selection on March 25th, but that date is in question as well.

President Trump and his attorney’s are playing chess, and the former President will likely be able to delay these sham trials until after the election. This is important since there are some polls showing that independent voters in swing states might be persuaded by a criminal conviction against Trump. A recent Bloomberg and Morning Consult poll found that 53% of voters in swing states would refuse to vote for Trump if he was convicted. This number is misleading since there are more registered Democrats than Republican in most swing states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, but a conviction even in these sham trials would still not likely help Trump with independent voters. The only case that looks like the courts are likely to potentially adjudicate before the election is the New York criminal case against Trump for supposed hush money payouts to Stormy Daniels, and the trial date for that case is now in question as well. President Trump has out maneuvered the establishment repeatedly, and even the left’s current attempt to interfere in the election, which is an egregious violation of the Department of Justice’s prior policies, is not likely to succeed.