Friday, April 19, 2024

Judge McAfee’s Latest Ruling Drives a Stake through the Heart of the Failing Georgia Election Probe

In law like in life, reputation and credibility are everything. While everyone makes mistakes, people with character and integrity are usually more able to recover and explain these errors without losing the trust of the public.

Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis is the face of the absurd witch hunt designed to attack President Trump at the most inopportune time as the 2024 Presidential election approaches. While Willis has contracted out much of the legal work on this complex case to other lawyers, she is still the leader of this failing effort to interfere in the upcoming election.

This is why Judge McAfee’s latest ruling that either she or her former lover and current special prosecutor Nathan Wade must step down is so devastating to this already weak case. Willis hired her lover to be a special prosecutor on this case despite the fact that Wade was completely unqualified for the position, as even the New York Times admitted There is also significant evidence Wade and Willis were in a relationship before she hired him in late 2021, despite both testifying that their romance did not begin until after he started working as a special prosecutor for her. Wade also likely used the taxpayer money he was receiving from Fulton County residents to pay for the many lavish trips he took Willis on.

Even though Judge McAfee’s latest ruling allowed Willis to stay on the case, since he held that either Willis or Wade has to resign from the litigation, and Wade subsequently tenured his resignation, the judge’s decision is still devastating to the Democrats for several reasons. Willis has no credibility anymore, she hired an unqualified attorney to lead this witch-hunt, and then slept with him while he was performing the required work. Willis also can’t step down, since that would be a tacit admission that the partisan District Attorney made a mistake.

The fact Wade, a lead attorney on this case, has to step down, should also further delay this case as well. President Trump’s claim of immunity will be before the Supreme Court in April, and Wade being forced to step down only increases the prospects of this case not going to trial or reaching finality prior to the upcoming 2024 Presidential election.

Vince Lombardi famously said that winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. The same is true for the reputation of lawyers like Willis. The partisan District Attorney’s reputation has been destroyed, and she can’t step down without tacitly admitting wrongdoing. Ironically, the left’s attempt to bring in election interference case to interfere with the upcoming Presidential election has now officially fallen apart.