Friday, April 19, 2024

Keith Ellison’s War On Reality

It was reported last year that car thefts in Minneapolis had increased by 95 percent. During one particular week, 190 cars were stolen, with 76 percent of them being Hyundais or Kias. These cars have a “design flaw” that enables thieves to start the engine by inserting a USB-A cable into a matching plug. This trick became viral on social media and has been widely used by criminals to steal the cars.

These thefts are a sign of a bigger problem, but they do not define it. Even though a car may have a security vulnerability, it doesn’t mean that thieves have the right to steal it. There was a time when people didn’t lock their doors to their houses or cars, but that wasn’t an open invitation for theft. Just because something is possible doesn’t mean it’s ethical, particularly when it’s clearly wrong.

The disease is the criminal element that is allowed to run amuck without any consequences. The woke Democrats that are running the state have a revolving-door justice system that continuously puts criminals back on the street. Last year many police chiefs across the state voiced their frustrations with the lack of accountability for the car thieves.

“The kids are being brought in by the cops and released immediately and then back out to the same environment. No services, no accountability, no nothing, and the next thing you know they are in one of these cars again,” said Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara.

At that time Ellison with a coalition of 17 Governors sent a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, claiming manufacturers weren’t doing enough to fix their vehicles. It never occurred to him that the manufacturers were not the problem and that the justice system was.

It has been a year since the issue was brought up, but Ellison has not yet fixed the problem. During a recent interview with MSNBC, he reiterated that he is currently investigating two major automakers for producing cars that are easily stolen by young people.

“The logic here is quite typical of the left-leaning ideology. Rather than punishing the actual thieves who are committing the crimes, they propose to punish the manufacturers whose products are being exploited. This is the same line of thinking that led to the implementation of a $900 theft limit in cities like San Francisco. As a result, some thieves bring a calculator with them into the stores to ensure that they stay under that limit, and then just walk out of the store free and clear.”

During the interview, Ellison once again pontificated his up-is-down and down-is-up liberal theory.

“But we have to go upstream, and we got to make sure that the automobiles are not so easy to steal that they are a tempting, attractive nuisance for young people. Right now, we are investigating two major automakers because their cars are dramatically too easy to steal for young people.”

There was a line in the movie Jaws where the Mayor who wanted to keep the beaches open, was told that by allowing swimmers to continue to splash around it was ringing the dinner bell for the shark.

Ellison’s repeated emphasis on these two car manufacturers is essentially alerting potential thieves to their vulnerability. Rather than fulfilling his responsibility to enforce the law, he has worsened the situation significantly.