Sunday, April 21, 2024

Regarding the Fight Against LNG, A Billionaires’ Revolution Is Here

The Deep State globalists aren’t just roaming the planet and discussing their nefarious Agenda 2030 in places like Davos or Geneva, Switzerland. They are here, right now, in every state of the Union, even the ones you might not expect.

Last week we ran an article on happenings out of Sulphur, LA where climate activists are ruffling their own feathers, unknowingly or knowingly posturing to save the planet, all in the name of “racist projects” and “environmental racism.” We also ran a more general piece yesterday on the science, politics, and lies behind pushes like “climate chaos,” which is just the latest in the bag of fear-mongering terms being hurled at the world.

The point here is that while it isn’t hard for America First patriots to recognize what is going on with this ongoing drama (because it is going on with everything billionaire globalists are doing), we want to provide even more context for your families, especially since Joe Biden’s pause on pending approvals of LNG exports, especially since this industry is so crucial to state industry and middle-class families’ lives.

This post titled “A Worldwide Billionaires Revolution,” which contains two very short videos, provides important global context for what insidious dealings are scurrying about right here in our home state. It may be hard to believe that Louisiana could be such a target for powerful movie-type villains, but remembering how the mafia system works can help ease the cognitive dissonance. The head of the beast may be high, but it’s tentacles run deep:

VIDEO: “A Worldwide Billionaires Revolution” (3:17)

Six-plus years ago, a Wall Street Journal editorial titled “Climate of Unaccountability” revealed information compiled for the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) which detailed a covert operation by Left-leaning progressive donors to hire a network of activists as governors’ energy, environment, and climate “staff.” All of this, not surprisingly, was off the books.

Here is the opening paragraph of the WSJ article:

With President Trump putting economic growth above climate alarums, green activists are turning to progressive states to press their regulatory agenda. Governors from 15 states have formed the U.S. Climate Alliance, for example, to enforce the Paris Climate Agreement despite Mr. Trump’s withdrawal. Fair enough if it’s all above board, but records we’ve obtained suggest that foundations are steering policy behind the scenes without transparency or clear public accountability.

And from the CEI site:

The shady arrangements [Chris Horner] details between activist groups, major environmental donors, and government officials constitute an inappropriate contracting out of government authority and deserve greater investigation by state legislators, many of whom are only just now finding out about the details.

Over the last few years, elected officials in states across the country have been secretly accepting funds from private donors to promote specific policies related to energy use and climate change. Led by a cadre of activist governors (and state attorneys general), these secret donations have funded employees working inside governors’ offices on projects dictated by these same undisclosed donors—rather than ones approved by voters or state legislatures.

Emphasis mine. The billionaire’s club.

The campaign was and is stealth and footed by billionaire elites who are not at all our friends. Those tending toward the subject of depopulating the world of the likes of you and me never are, I would guess. Along with consultants and media support, the project’s budget, which can be found on page 8 of Horner’s paper, skyrocketed to $50 million in 2020.

A crucial question the WSJ raises, one that we are seeing right here in our own backyard in 2024, is this: “The implications of all this extend beyond Washington…. Where else are such special interest groups paying to influence policy?”

The answer is Louisiana for one, my home state, a state that obviously is very important in terms of energy for this entire country.

A follow-up report for CEI laid out how billionaire elite Michael Bloomberg, with millions of dollars run through a pair of non-profits (his own, running the money through New York University) was an integral part of this network of “staffing” in Left-leaning progressive attorneys general offices across the country. From the WSJ titled “How Bloomberg Pays to Prosecute the Trump EPA”:

The State Energy and Environmental Impact Center, a group created by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2017, is hiring and placing lawyers in the offices of state attorneys general. The mission of the group, which is led by a former Interior Department official and housed at New York University’s law school, is to provide “direct legal assistance to interested attorneys general on specific administrative, judicial or legislative matters involving clean energy, climate change and environmental interests of regional and national significance.” At least one of the two Bloomberg “special assistant attorneys general” placed in the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James is involved with the prosecution of Exxon Mobil  for its supposed offense of “climate denial.”

Another from the WSJ titled “State AGs for Rent”:

With the courts and Trump Administration rolling back federal climate regulation, green activists have turned to the states. But there’s a troubling ethical twist: Instead of merely lobbying, activists are placing employees in Attorneys General offices in dubious private-public condominiums.

This is the same Bloomberg and his non-profit mentioned in the story of Southwest Louisiana activist Roishetta Ozane, a single mother of six. We understand that folks like Ms Ozane may be working on a lower level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, but the ability to see that only makes it more frustrating that she cannot or doesn’t seem to want to understand the much bigger picture, which includes other people’s needs and the overall good of the state. The tentacles of the Deep State have moved through governmental offices and are now reaching citizen activists groups who are all too ready to sell out their fellow Americans. From the WSJ:

In 2021, [Ozane] gave representatives of the Funder Collaborative and the Hive Fund for Climate and Gender Justice, an organization funded in part by’s billionaire founder, Jeff Bezos, a tour of communities near fossil-fuel facilities. Her organization, the Vessel Project of Louisiana, received grants from these groups, as well as from Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Beyond Petrochemicals campaign.

In Washington, Ozane rallied in front of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, an independent agency that approves LNG plants. She also targeted the Energy Department, which grants export licenses to LNG facilities. Ozane met several times with Shalanda Baker, the director of the DOE’s Office of Economic Impact and Diversity.

Others also applied pressure. James Hiatt, an activist from Lake Charles, La., asked Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm as she visited the state to reject new LNG projects, and John Beard, an activist from Port Arthur, Texas, spoke to White House adviser John Podesta at the COP 28 climate summit in Dubai.

This collection of recent history, with some obvious yeoman’s work from The Wall Street Journal and others, is presented here to illustrate very briefly the sinister advance of an agenda. They are politicizing, virtue-signaling, and weaponizing the climate to bamboozle the world into following their plan for a new world order. Just trust them, they say. They have your best interests in mind, they say. Especially if it’s any privileged man and his racist policies that are endangering your lives.

The thing their useful puppets don’t realize is that the only racists are the ones tricking them into accepting their big fat checks in exchange for a globalist operation moving in the direction of enslaving us all. It is a coup that goes well beyond Louisiana, and this ain’t just a movie.

My entire life, I never understood why civilizations fall. Now it seems incredibly obvious. A corrupt ruling class seizes control of all commanding heights, disenfranchises the people, disregards the common good in favor of their own privileges, steals everything, done.

— Jeffrey A Tucker (@jeffreyatucker) February 21, 2024

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.