Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Left’s Insidious Effort to Force You into Public Transportation

For some time, journalists at have been warning readers about the severe deficiencies of electric vehicles. We identified issues with batteries in extreme temperatures, EV tax credits, hidden defects, environmental hazards and vulnerabilities in the electric grid.

EVs are just another future disaster born from self-righteousness without regard for unintended consequences. However, in this case, woke leftists already know EVs are doomed to fail, so why are they so quiet?

The Left’s Goals for Transportation

“Dripping water can penetrate the stone.”

水滴石穿 (shuǐ dī shí chuān)

You see, the left learned from their experience in the 1960s and 70s when they failed to turn the U.S. into another third-world socialist crap hole. From that failure, they acquired one very important trait.


It took them decades to infiltrate our most important institutions, but now the left controls the media, academia, the courts and corporate America. How were they able to accomplish such a monumental feat right under our noses?


We have become the proverbial frog in the pot of water. Gradually, they turned up the heat, and by the time we realized we were boiling, it was too late.

So, we better wake up on this one.

Like all authoritarians, woke leftists in America are obsessed with control, and they salivate at the thought of limiting your travel. They want to restrict where you can go, when you can go there, and how you will get there. Whenever you travel, they want to be able to monitor you. So, the first step is to get you out of those irritating gas-powered vehicles. Gas is just too easy to obtain, and shutting down the refineries (although they’re trying) is impractical. On the other hand, shutting down the electric grid would be relatively simple.

Thus, behind the shield of climate change, EVs emerged. It was an easy sell. The typical uninformed leftist elitist loved the idea they were “saving the planet,” so they immediately jumped on board and bought a $100,000 Tesla. Meanwhile, the government, entirely through EPA regulation, created a de facto ban on internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by mandating that EVs must comprise 67% of automakers’ total sales by 2030. In essence, no automaker is going to continue manufacturing ICE vehicles when they know the technology is being phased out. Already, nine states have banned gas vehicle sales entirely by 2035 with 17 others considering adopting the ban.

Perhaps most sobering, major auto manufacturers are eliminating ICE vehicles from their lineup at an alarming pace. For example, 2025 will be the last model year that Jaguar will offer an ICE vehicle.

In just a year, you won’t be able to buy a Jaguar that’s not electric. Think about that for a moment.

Six other automakers—Ford, GM, Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Land Rover—have all agreed to phase out ICE vehicles by 2035.

Where are The Environmentalists?

Even without the benefit of knowledge gained from mass adoption, the environmental issues related to EV production and operation are already well-documented. Rare earth metals used in battery production are creating ecological disasters in the Congo, China, Chile and several other poor countries. Reports on graphite mines indicate nearby towns literally glitter from the toxic dust created in the mining process.

Problems related to battery disposal, battery fires, and electric grid stress remain unaddressed. More alarming, recent studies indicate that EV tires shed rubber much faster than conventional tires due to increased weight, sending massive quantities of ultra-fine particulate matter into the atmosphere. As a result, in normal driving, EVs emit 1,850 times more emissions than an ice vehicle burning gas.

I haven’t even touched on the safety concerns that have been raised.

But environmentalists don’t seem to care.

I wonder why?

They Want to Make Driving Too Expensive

As if forcing consumers into electric vehicles with limited range, excessive charging times, horrific emissions and batteries that fail in extreme weather wasn’t bad enough, woke leftists are working on pricing you out of owning a personal vehicle.

Due to NHTSA safety mandates and Biden’s inflation, the average price of a new vehicle (including gas powered) rose 30% since 2019 from $37,000 to $49,000. To make matters worse, the auto insurance industry, caught in a tsunami of inflation, increased repair costs, and a substantial increase in uninsured drivers, has raised insurance rates over 30% since 2023.

What all This Means to the Left

Remember, woke leftists use any tool at their disposal to advance their authoritarian agenda, no matter how unscrupulous. One of those tools is human-caused climate change, which is a speculative theory that hasn’t been confirmed by a single experiment. Regardless of the technology, radical environmentalists would like to ban personal vehicles completely, so they’re using climate change as the excuse.

In reality, they want to force you into ride sharing, a bicycle or public transportation. The goal is to make personal vehicle ownership impractical so you will have to take the bus, as an NPR article confirms:

Getting people out of cars rarely happens in America, yet planners in most U.S. cities are thinking about how to make it happen. Cars and trucks account for roughly a quarter of all the country’s greenhouse emissions, and stopping climate change requires that those emissions sink to almost zero. Electric vehicles are only part of the answer, climate experts say. Focusing on electric vehicles as the primary solution can actually make racial and income disparities worse, and undercuts more broad-based solutions.

Did you get that? Owning a car not only makes you a climate denier, but it also makes you a racist.

While the American public remains largely unaware, global elitists have not been timid in advocating for the elimination of personal vehicle ownership. Tony Seba, co-founder of a radical think tank called “RethinkX,” predicts private vehicle ownership will drop by 80% in the U.S. by 2030, and the number of vehicles of all types on the road will drop from 247 million to 44 million.

The World Economic Forum also weighed in:

Imagine instead a world where fleets of autonomous vehicles that are electric and shared (FAVES) slash the number of vehicles on the road by as much as 90%. Hailing and paying for a ride or delivery is as easy as tapping a smart phone app. Car loans and insurance payments shrink or disappear because renting a vehicle when it would otherwise sit idle (or feeding electricity back to the electric grid) more than pays for it.

Perhaps best of all, imagine wider, less congested streets with more room for pedestrians and bicycles, clean air, much less global warming, shorter commutes, and even “crowd-funded” fleets of vehicles whose routing and pricing software is tuned to minimize energy use or provide low-cost transportation to underserved regions.

This is a global phenomenon, with many western leaders calling for the end of private vehicle ownership, and Joe Biden is doing his part. Buried in the $2.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment Act and the Inflation Reduction Act are provisions for massive investments in public transportation.

Wake up Frogs

Once gas powered cars are no longer manufactured at scale, I imagine woke environmentalists will emerge shortly thereafter, expressing their outrage over the hazards EVs present to the environment. Of course, they will have known about this for years, but they’ll save it for the moment they feel a ban on personal vehicles is within reach. Between now and then, Democrat mayors in big cities will work with the federal government to create the infrastructure necessary to accommodate millions of additional commuters.

What a great deal. Every time you use your subway pass, the authorities will know exactly when you left, where you were headed and when you return home.

Someday, if you find a sinister character eyeing you up and down as you sit squeezed between a smelly bum on one side and a fat lady with oppressive perfume on the other as you travel on the subway, don’t blame me. I warned you what was coming.

Do you feel the temperature of the water getting warmer yet?