Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Liberal Media Continues to Ignore the fallout from Biden’s failed Afghanistan Withdrawal

The shameful withdrawal by the corrupt Biden administration remains the single best example of the price of having an incompetent President in power. Afghanistan was the longest and most costly war in United States history, and in addition to losing 2,459 men and women in this pointless war, the US spent over 2 trillion dollars over more than two decades in this conflict.

The saddest part about the failed withdrawal is that as the recent hearings earlier this week made clear, because the State Department completely mishandled and even interfered with the military’s ability to do their job, even more heroic US servicemen were lost in The Terrorist attack at Kabul airport. The full price of this failed withdrawal and the subsequent takeover by the Taliban will not become fully clear for years if not decades, but, unsurprisingly, the liberal media is ignoring what the Taliban is doing in their country now.

The Taliban showed who they were when this brutal and ruthless group was in power before, and the disturbing recent actions by these vile leaders should not surprise anyone. When the Taliban originally took over, they played coy on a number of issues, such as women’s rights, temporarily allowing women for instance to remain in Universities, to try to get the US and the international community to unfreeze funds for them. Recent actions by these barbaric leaders show, once again, who they are. There have also been frequent food shortages and the country is facing an ongoing humanitarian crisis that has continued to unfold since the Taliban took power nearly three years ago. This is why no one should be surprised that the US just formally announced that the Taliban are currently wrongfully detaining an American citizen. The Taliban wrongfully detained Ryan Corbett in August of 2022, and he’s yet to be released. Afghanistan is close to becoming a failed state.

The Taliban also instituted a massive nationwide crackdown on women throughout the country, and most females are nearly completely confined to their homes now. In addition to closing over 60,000 beauty salons where women could work and provide for their families, and even banning women from critical roles administering aid in the poor country , these leaders have detained, beaten, and tortured women repeatedly for such absurd actions as not wearing a hijab. Salons were one of the few areas women could work in Afghanistan, and many women provided for their families with these businesses. The Taliban have also cracked down on the media in the country, with most media outlets now shutdown, and journalists frequently tortured and detained.

There is also evidence that the new repressive measures taken by the Taliban are influencing other governments around the world as well. Yemen recently imposed similar restrictions on women to the laws passed in Afghanistan, and even groups in Africa such as Boko Haram in Nigeria are celebrating the Taliban as a successful terrorist group. The Taliban’s many human rights violations are being celebrated and modeled in different parts of the world.

While President Trump correctly understood the need to end the War in Afghanistan and that the US shouldn’t be the policemen of the world, recent testimony by US military leaders has made clear that if the withdrawal from this country was handled properly the Taliban would not likely have come to power. President Trump, who famously sent a picture of the personal residence of the leader of the Taliban to this individual as a warning, would have never allowed the incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan. While the full consequences of the shameful withdrawal by Biden won’t be fully known for years, the Taliban’s brutal crackdown on human rights throughout Afghanistan is another powerful reminder of the price of having an incompetent administration in power.