Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Mexican President Threatens Biden in Another Sign of How Weak the Current President’s International Standing Has Become

Joe Biden continues to reach new lows every day. While much of the public has become desensitized to under the table deals in Washington D.C., the current President’s brazen corruption that has been uncovered by Congressmen Comer and others in the ongoing impeachment inquiry is staggering. Biden’s failing policies continue to hit new lows as well. There is not one policy area where the current President has failed more than along the porous and open Southern Border.

The facts are clear and they cannot be disputed. When Biden took over he ripped up President Trump’s successful remain-in-Mexico agreement and stopped using Title 42 to repel illegals crossing into the US, the sad and devastating consequences of the current president’s failed policies have been damning. Fentanyl deaths have skyrocketed, cities such as New York and Chicago have been overrun, and the US has seemed weaker than ever in the international community. This is why the current President of Mexico’s recent explicit threat to the current President should not be surprising. The President of Mexico wouldn’t have even dreamed of threatening President Trump, they knew whether they agreed or disagreed with the former President, Trump was a strong leader. Current Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stated on Sunday that if the US doesn’t pony up $20 billion in aid to Latin America and grant amnesty to many of the citizens who came to the US illegally, the border will remain open, and the migrants will continue to come illegally into the US.

The world sees how weak the corrupt and incompetent current President is. The international community saw how pathetic the US’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was, people see the current President’s many cognitive failings, and the world also sees Biden tripping, falling, and even being cut off by his own staff when these individuals think he’s talking to the press for too long. Mexico’s President felt perfectly comfortable going on US television to not just ask, but demand that the US give him and neighboring countries money. Obrador also demanded the US grant amnesty to illegals, many of whom are criminals that have come from his country. The costs of illegal immigration could not be higher, with even the Democratic Mayor Eric Abrams of New York City recently stating that the state would need nearly $5 billion to deal with the influx of illegals the sanctuary city has seen since Biden took over.

The international community sees how weak Biden is, and that reality has had consequences around the world. The Taliban brazenly took power after Biden botched the Afghanistan withdrawals, Russia did not fear the consequences of the country’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, and now even leaders of countries such as Mexico feel comfortable openly threatening the US to adhere to their demands. Iran’s actions of firing missiles at US troops in Iraq and attempting to disrupt trade in the Middle East are other examples of how weak the US’s enemies see our country right now as well.

President Trump was right to urge Republicans not to vote for legislation that would have supposedly secured the border. Biden has made clear he wants to bring in as many illegals as possible, and he has no concern or care over the many short-term or long-term implications of his reckless and failed policies. The current President would also likely just reopen the border after the election if he won, since that’s the policy he’s clearly signaled that he favors. Biden is one of if not the weakest and most corrupt Presidents in US history, and the international community sees how pathetic and incompetent the failed leader’s policies have been over the last three years.