Sunday, April 14, 2024

There’s Delusional And Then There’s John Kerry

I have described the Biden administration in the past as being similar to the island of misfit toys. I’ve changed my mind, lately it’s closer to the Island of Dr. Moreau. With people like Rachel Levine wandering around haunting the place, Pete Buttigieg looking for his chest feeder, Miguel Cardona reading dirty children’s books, while Blinken, Austin and Mayorkas do their best Stooges impersonation. Of course, the leader is the pigeon-toed corpse himself, Joe Biden, while John Kerry provides air cover from above in one of his private jets.

Speaking of Kerry, the man with the face of a hound dog and the mind of a gerbil, made his latest pronouncement and it’s as irrelevant as everything else he has ever said. Yesterday, Mr. personality, left his position on the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, a position invented in 2021 for Kerry by Biden to (Surprise, Surprise), join Biden’s re-election campaign.

Kerry, who believes in climate change only for his own benefit, decided that Russia is waging an “unprovoked, illegal war.” So naturally, Kerry’s main concern is gas emissions. Not, the funneling of money through Ukraine, or the real reason the war started, nope, … imaginary gas.

“If Russia wanted to show good faith, they could go out and announce what their reductions are going to be and make a greater effort to reduce emissions now. Maybe that would open up the door for people to feel better about what Russia is choosing to do at this point in time.” 

“I believe that Russia has the ability to be able to make enormous changes if it really wanted to. I mean, if Russia has the ability to wage a war illegally and invade another country, they ought to be able to find the effort to be responsible on the climate issue.”

Naturally, social media did not take kindly to Kerry’s brainless remarks. Fox News called the remark, “embarrassing beyond words.”

International Legal Forum CEO Arsen Ostrovsky posted on Twitter.

“I had to listen to this three times to make sure Kerry really said this. And he did. Embarrassing beyond words, and quite frankly, utterly offensive!”

“These people are raving lunatics,” Senator Tommy Tuberville, stated.

Radio host Buck Sexton similarly commented, “The insane gibberish of a climate fanatic.”

Republican strategist Caleb Hull added, “This administration is a comedy skit.”

Senator Ted Cruz, agreed, “At this point, the Biden admin is like a continuous SNL skit.”

Kerry, who has added new layers to the meaning of moron, has even brought septic tanks into the discussion.

“Lots of parts of the world are exacerbating the problem right now, but when you have bombs going off, and you have damage to septic tanks or to power centers, etc., you have an enormous release of greenhouse gas, methane, all of the family of greenhouse gasses and the result is it’s adding to the problem.”

Kerry is a mouthpiece into oblivion. A fear monger with a forked tongue. A perpetrator of lies that absolutely no-one should trust.

Kerry is a smug, arrogant elitist with designs on a new, one world government. His nonsense is all masked behind illusion, give him no credibility at all. There is NO climate change, it’s called weather.

Kerry knows this, but there is no money in being a meteorologist, so he will continue to lie and immerse himself in the delusion that he is desperate for you to believe. This man’s only goal is power, and the only gas emissions you should be concerned with are emanating from him.