Sunday, April 21, 2024

Virginia’s Most Degenerate County Tries To Put Easter On The Back Burner

Fairfax County, Virginia, might be the most woke degenerate county on the East Coast. It has definitely wrapped up that distinction for the state of Virginia. From their liberal stomach-churning approach to indoctrinating children in what they refer to as a school system, to their attacks on Christianity, tradition, and normalcy. These Neanderthals representing the far-left Democratic party relentlessly push CRT/DEI and transgenderism on children of every age group.

Let’s acknowledge this about Democrats in general and Fairfax County specifically, they are antagonistic button pushers. They will push ideas based on fallacies that ignore common sense, biology, science, and every known form of reason for no other reason than to irritate rational people. They love being a pain in the a** while hiding behind the lie of equality. Simply put, they are troublemakers who hate everything America values, and frankly, at this point, they are nauseating.

They are easy to figure out. These clowns are not emotionally or intellectually deep. They are shallow emotional snowflakes that are chronically offended by natural life. They want to believe that nothing matters except them, and we are years behind shutting their rhetoric and flat-out bullsh*t down. What I can’t figure out is how long are rational people going to allow this type of behavior to take place before they grow tired of the outrageous ignorance and re-establish sanity in our country.

Last week, in another display of brazen ignorance, Democrats on Fairfax County‘s board of supervisors voted to designate Easter Sunday as Transgender Visibility Day. The proclamation goes far beyond the supposed idea of making transgender people and gender ideology activists feel seen. Members of the board are slapping Christians in the face and once again bowing at the altar of the unnatural. To do this to Christians on one of the Holiest days of the Christian calendar is unthinkable and more importantly, unforgivable to the extent that it must be stopped and never permitted again.

Chairman Jeff McKay, paid lip service to the importance of advocating for all constituents when the board passed the resolution, stating:

“As an elected official, it should be our moral responsibility to stand up for all people that we represent, not just the people we like or the people we agree with.”

Right. That’s a total load of liberal Bullsh*t. Why on Easter Sunday? I know that March 31st has been designated in the past few years as transgender visibility day in some places, but let’s be honest, most Americans have never even heard of it and for your county to specifically call it out on Easter Sunday is a disgusting breach of your constituent’s faith.

Members of the board used their illogical decision to hijack Easter as an opportunity to celebrate the governing body’s ideological homogeneity. The nine Democrats present at the meeting all voted in favor of the measure. Still, they lamented that there was one member of the board who was not present for the vote. Pat Herrity, a Republican, did not want to antagonize Christians who feel that their holy day is being desecrated. To me this is gutless. Why not show up and loudly vote NO?

Herrity’s absence appears to have been unacceptable to James Walkinshaw, a totally woke Democrat. Walkinshaw advocates complete groupthink on the board of supervisors when he said, “I’m looking forward to the day when we have a full dais for this proclamation, and that day will come. One way or the other, that day will come.”

No James, You will never have a “full dais.” Your days are numbered, as is your illogical premise that a man can be a woman and vice versa.

Aside from the inappropriateness of transgender visibility day being on Easter this year, the resolution seems unnecessary in Fairfax County. The transgender activist community does not have a visibility problem in northern Virginia. However, it does appear to have a narcissism problem. Fairfax County School Board has designated June as LGBT Pride Month and October as LGBT History Month. The community gets two full months of celebration in the district’s schools. Still, that just wasn’t enough.

Fairfax County Public Schools’ policies have aligned with the board’s resolutions. For the last few years, Fairfax County’s students have been inundated and pressured with surveys at the beginning of the school year questioning them about their pronouns and gender identity. Many of the county’s classrooms are decorated with transgender flags. After mandating preferred pronouns, district officials are also pushing to include gender identity lessons in the family life education curriculum beginning in fourth grade.

All of this is ridiculous and yet it is allowed. Where are the parents pulling their students from these schools? You can’t give these people an inch, that’s why protests, even after Easter, must take place.

This is not the time for the usual conservative understanding and acceptance. All that does is encourage liberals to force more abnormal social change down our throats.

Times have changed and now it’s time to change them back. We know what’s right and it’s time to take our country, our morals, and our common sense back. It’s time to stop playing patty cake with the left and to denounce their debauchery.

Our children, our country, and our souls are at stake. He Is Risen and it’s time for us to live up to his expectations and do the same.