Sunday, April 21, 2024

Why Marjorie Greene Was Wrong to File a Motion to Remove House Speaker Mike Johnson

Politics makes strange bed fellows, and election years often create even more unlikely coalitions and alliances. One of the recent developments we’ve seen both this year and in 2023 has been the pressure that conservative groups such as the freedom caucus are putting on the speaker by fileing motions to vacate the Speaker position. Marjorie Greene recently filed a motion to vacate the Speaker position over her concerns that Johnson wasn’t giving Republicans the agreed upon 72 hours to review pending legislation before a vote. Johnson did not give Republicans that agreed upon time frame before introducing the recent $1.2 trillion dollar spending bill on the floor of the House. Greene has net yet activated this motion, so there will not as of now be a vote on the floor to vacate Speaker Johnson’s position.

Greene has fought hard for conservative causes since coming to Congress, and Republicans need members who will fight against liberals and the establishment for conservative causes, but this motion is ill timed for multiple reasons. Speaker Mike Johnson is a conservative, and he’s also not part of the corrupt establishment that has all too often dominated both parties. The Heritage foundation gives Johnson a lifetime score of 90% for voting conservative on issues, which is above the average rating for Republican House members of 89%. Johnson is also a strong supporter of President Trump, and he has done in admirable job in very difficult circumstances as Speaker since Republicans have a slim majority that will soon be down to 1 vote. Johnson not only endorseD President Trump in November, he stated he was “all in for him” as well.

President Biden is corrupt and incompetent, and the Republicans need to keep the focus on the current president and his failed agenda. The ongoing impeachment inquiry into the Biden families corruption, the recent further revelations about Biden’s cognitive decline from US Attorney Hur’s report, and the recent testimony by US Generals on the total incompetence of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, are just some of the many issues Republican leaders should be focusing on. Stories like this distract from the narrative Republicans need to be forming heading into an election year, and motions like this weaken Speaker Johnson’s position and ability to negotiate with Democrats as well.

While Greene did not trigger this motion yet, putting Johnson’s position as Speaker to a vote would give the Democrats a veto power over the Speaker of the House. Some Democrats have even stated that if the the Speaker’s position came to a vote on the floor they would seek a price to vote for him to retain his current position. The Democrats have also stated they wouldn’t vote for Johnson unless he outlined a path forward to give further aid to Ukraine for the country to continue their failing military effort against Russia. Greene’s motion does nothing but weaken Johnson’s position and power to negotiate with Democrats, and she is also taking focus away from the many issues that Republicans should be talking about in an all important election year. Greene has also not stated who if anyone she would like to potentially replace Johnson if she triggers he motion to vacate the Speaker position, and that person would likely face a very difficult path to this key position of power anyways.

While Greene may just be putting Johnson on notice after he didn’t abide by an agreed upon deal to give House members more time to review pending legislation, the Republicans cannot be divided or appear to be unable to govern at this critical time in our nations history. Conservatives need members who will fight for their causes, but that energy needs to be focused on the right issues. Now is not the time to distract or weaken Speaker Johnson’s ability to negotiate with Democrats as the presidential election nears when the Congressmen is clearly fighting for the same conservative causes that most Republican voters and Greene herself support.