Saturday, May 18, 2024

Another Left Wing Lie: The Liberal Media’s False Narrative on the Fundraising Gap Between Trump and Biden

At this point fake news and the constant outright lies by the left wing corrupt media have become par for the course. In just the last several years, the liberal national press has reported false stories on the Russian collision hoax, repeatedly just outright lied about stories involving Trump not visiting military cemeteries, and even out made up stories on the news such reported absurd and incorrect stories about Trump such as the fake story of him allegedly assaulting a member of the secret service that was told during the pathetic January 6th hearings. When the corrupt liberal media reports anything accurate on Trump, it is a rarity.

This is why no one should be surprised by the most recent false narrative that the liberal commentators masquerading as journalists are trying to spin on the fundraising gap between Trump and Biden. The Biden campaign has more money than Trump, which should be expected, since Democrats have repeatedly outspent Republicans in presidential races. Most large corporations and billionaires are backing up the truck for the incompetent current President, after all, these are the only individuals and institutions that have benefitted from the corrupt current president’s policies.

What the corrupt national media is lying about is why Biden’s campaign has more money on hand, as well as what the fundraising likely shows about the enthusiasm for the two candidates. Money often follows momentum in politics, and the candidate getting more donations is often the one who voters are more passionate about. Trump is destroying Biden in small contributions that usually come from ordinary people, the individuals who make up most of the voting electorate. While both candidates have seen a drop in smaller money donations from 2020, the gap between the campaigns is still huge.

Donald Trump has received more than 124,000 more small money contributions of $200 or less than Biden for the upcoming 2024 election. The real reason Biden has more campaign money on hand is because of his heavy reliance on large donors. Trump has not gotten close to as much money as Biden from larger corporate contributors and wealthy donors.

The now 12 years of left wing policies that Obama and Biden have enacted since 2008 have crushed most middle and low income families. While the rich and large corporations have done reasonably well during Biden’s first term, the economic gains were much more spread out when Trump was in office because we saw growth without significant inflation. Rising prices crush middle and low income families, but when assets increase, the wealthy usually do well. The cost of goods and the rate of real wages for working families were both far better for the middle class when Trump was in office. The former President cut taxes, secured the border, and renegotiated defective previous trade agreements such as NAFTA. Former President Trump ended the left’s war on the middle class, and his efforts to protect and fight for working class families showed up in thr very successful results he got for the entire country regardless of what income bracket they were in.