Monday, May 27, 2024

Have You Been Libeled By Media Matters This Week?

I’m asking because I just want to know if I’m the only one. I’m assuming I’m not, since Media Matters, the Hard Left propaganda outfit which makes a science of name-calling and defamation against people who disagree with its Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideological worldview, has probably libeled a dozen people since the weekend.

All I know is that I’m one.

Someone named “Mia Gingerich,” whose title at Media Matters is “Researcher II, LGBTQ Program,” wrote a piece yesterday which called me an “anti-Semite.”

Which is utterly beyond laughable. I graduated from a high school that was 55 percent Jewish (yes, Newman in New Orleans might be known for the Mannings and Odell Beckham, Jr., but it’s actually the school the Jewish kids go to) and have had close Jewish friends all my life, you won’t get any more of a staunch defender of Israel than I am and I’ll confess to confusion as to what anybody has ever had against Jewish people in the first place. So how am I an anti-Semite?

Well, it appears that “Mia Gingerich” is as confused about my identity as she is about her own.

She wrote a piece about how “the Right” is “pouncing” on the Cass Report, which was a document written for Britain’s National Health Service strongly recommending that it run as far away from facilitating transgenderism as possible. It’s a petulant, stupid article which essentially accuses the people who advocate a return to sanity rather than mutilating children for the sin of going through a phase, and when it gets to me it says this…

The next escalation in rhetoric summoned by the Cass Report was found in an April 17 piece in American Spectator by noted anti-Semitic pundit Scott McKay titled “The Trans Reckoning Is Not Yet Here — But It’s Coming Soon,” with the subheadline “Preparations ought to be made now.” McKay’s piece used the Cass report to argue doctors providing gender-affirming care were “sexually mutilating” children before appearing to suggest that the murder of parents who affirm trans youth would be justified, comparing it to someone who murders their spouse for molesting their child and saying “there’s a pretty broad consensus that she shouldn’t be punished for it.” McKay then called for trans youth to be stripped from the custody of affirming parents, whom he calls “monsters.”

Click on the link accompanying the libelous statement and you’ll find another Media Matters story about Scott McKay, except…

…it’s not me.

There’s another Scott McKay out there. I’ve not met him, I don’t know anything about him other than he’s a YouTuber who goes around with the moniker The Patriot Streetfighter. He doesn’t look anything like me and what little I’ve seen of the things he says, while they’re right of center like I am there isn’t a great deal of similarity in either tone or substance.

Without casting any aspersions on anyone but the intended target here, I would say that I’m significantly more famous than the other Scott McKay is.

It wouldn’t have taken a whole lot of research to discover that there are two Scott McKays, and to avoid the mistake this female (I won’t call her a woman, because who knows how she identifies herself) has made.

And has not corrected.

Yesterday I sent out this…

Ron Coleman is a friend of mine. He’s a constitutional lawyer, who is actually law partners with Harmeet Dhillon. Ron is also very Jewish – in fact, he hasn’t responded to that tweet because he’s off the grid until Wednesday night as he observes Passover.

Anyway, the tweet generated a couple of entertaining responses…

As of right now there hasn’t been a correction or an apology. This makes me think there won’t be one. Which means legal action is coming.

And if I end up famous for being the guy who sued Media Matters into oblivion for libeling me, then I’m perfectly fine with that.