Saturday, May 25, 2024

Hillary Clinton’s Latest Comments on the 2024 Election Show How out of Touch the Left is With the Country

Every once in a while a person’s comments give you a glimpse into who they are as an individual. Politicians at the national level have usually spent years fine-tuning speeches and stage remarkets, but even the most polished politicians occasionally let their true intentions slip. In 2008 we heard Obama talk about how he wants to spread people’s wealth around when talking to Joe the plumber. Hillary Clinton’s recent comments that people thinking of Trump need to get over themselves on the Jimmy Fallon show were another example of a politician letting people know what they really think of working-class people was another moment where a public figure let their true feeling be known.

This isn’t the first time Hillary Clinton has demeaned the middle class. She notoriously referred to Trump supporters as deplorable on the campaign trail in 2016, and her comments on Monday were equally out of touch with reality. The middle class has been crushed by the extreme policies of the failed current President. Biden’s rampant government spending, open borders, and push to destroy the fossil fuel industry have all been a part of the left’s ongoing war on the middle class. Middle and working-class families have seen the wages and purchasing power these individuals disappear since inflation began to accelerate in early 2021. Hillary Clinton’s estimated net worth is $120 million, despite the fact that she and her corrupt husband, former President Clinton, have done nothing since leaving office except sell access and engage in corrupt deals like we saw in their failed efforts to rebuild Haiti.

Hillary Clinton is also not alone. The corrupt and out touch political class that people such as Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi represent, is completely out of touch with middle and working-class voters. Joe Biden’s recent comments have been equally out of touch with reality. The corrupt former president has made absurd and blatantly false recent comments on wages, inflation, and the border.

Real wages are down significantly since Biden took office, and most savings that individuals and families had after the pandemic are gone now too. This is in addition to the devastating impact that higher interest rates, the result of inflation, are having on middle and working-class families as well. The average monthly cost of a mortgage is almost $700 higher now, which means nearly half the country is priced out of higher-cost real estate markets in cities such as New York. Even politicians such as AOC are now saying that housing prices aren’t affordable to most families. The irony is that the policies that AOC supports, such as higher taxes and regulations, are a large part of the reason why cities like New York are not affordable for most families anymore.

The out-of-touch current President even made the completely absurd claim just 8 months ago that his policies are working.

The reality is that even left-wing politicians and commentators are starting to realize that the public is smarter than these individuals think. Noted Trump critics such as Stephen A. Smith criticized Hillary Clinton’s recent remarks, and even the far-left-wing news network MSNBC said Hillary’s comments did not help the left. Recent polls show a huge move in traditionally Democratic voting blocs to Trump. There has been a huge recent move amongst younger voters and in the black community to the former President, and even people on the Democratic side such as James Carville have recently admitted this fact to be true. People are reminded every time they go to the food store or drive by the gas station of how badly the current President has failed, and telling middle and working-class families to get over themselves or suggesting that wages have gone up faster than inflation are just more reminders of clueless the Democratic establishment has become.