Tuesday, May 28, 2024

House Republicans Missed an Opportunity with the Impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

The current presidential administration has failed America in every possible way, but Joe Biden’s open border is the single best piece of evidence that the left isn’t incompetent but rather actively wages a war against the middle class in the United States. Drugs have poured in across the porous southern border, where chaos has been the norm over the last four years.

The right had generally done a good job of highlighting the very real and significant costs of having an open border. The impeachment of the Secretary of the Department of Homeland and Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, was initially handled well by House Republicans as well. Republicans had done a good job making the case in in the national media and through Congressional hearings of the enormous social costs and national security dangers of having an open border. The disgusting number of deaths from fentanyl, and the moms telling their stories of sons and daughters being lost to this drug that is made in China and comes over the southern border were some of the more powerful moments during these hearings.

Still, Republicans were not effective in using the Mayorkas trial to show the significant dangers of an open border, and the party’s recent impeachment of the Secretary was a clear missed opportunity. House Republicans held no major press conferences during the Impeachment hearings in the House, there were no major press releases picked up by the national media, and the parents of children who died from fentanyl and other border related issues were not given a chance to speak out publicly and tell their stories.

When Senator Schumer recently and – sadly – successfully moved to dismiss the clearly proven charges against Mayorkas, so the Senate would not need to hold a trial, the move received little attention in the media or in the public. The feckless RINO, Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, voted present, to allow the motion to pass. Schumer got away with this cover-up in significant part because House Republicans did not do a good enough job of explaining to the public through the media why the impeachment of Mayorkas was important. The Secretary has betrayed the American people and failed to do his most basic and important job, keep the citizens of this country safe. If Republicans had gone on conservative media more to talking about the impeachment of Mayorkas, held more press conferences, and made the case more publicly, Schumer and Murkowski would not have been able to get away with the spineless actions they took.

The Republican party and conservatives in the media have done a good job of showing the public the consequences of the open border policies Biden has pursued for nearly 4 years now, but the impeachment of Mayorkas was not handled correctly. This needed to be sold as a national scandal, and it just wasn’t. The individuals affected by Biden’s failed policies were also not given a public platform to tell their powerful stories where most could hear them.

House Republicans also put zero pressure on RINOs like Murkowski, and that’s why Schumer was able to get away so easily with his motion to dismiss the easily proven charges against Mayorkas. The left has often fought harder and dirtier than the right, while the right should not sink to the level we have often seen from the left, Republicans need to learn from their disappointing efforts to Impeach and remove the incompetent Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.