Saturday, May 25, 2024

Key Celebrities who Supported Biden in 2020 are now Beginning to Turn on Him

The dominos are starting to fall for the left. Almost everything in life has a breaking point, or a juncture where some relationship or course of action becomes unsustainable. The incompetent and corrupt Biden administration appears to be hitting that mark. Over the last four years, this administration has opened the border, destroyed the US economy, diminished America’s standing in the world, and also further divided the country along racial lines. Biden has failed, and even some of his more loyal and longtime supporters know this fact is true.

This is why the recent comments by well-known Celebrities who have traditionally supported the current President are important. Slowly but steadily, even liberal celebrities are beginning to turn on him. Stephen A. Smith, who is a well-known ESPN commentator that also has his own radio show, who supported Biden in 2020, recently commented that the Democrats should not be relying on a leader with clear age issues. Smith also panned the Democrat’s divisive and pathetic State of the Union speech. Stephen A. Smith not only supported Biden in 2020, but the sports commentator also works at the far-left network ESPN, where views supporting Trump are not welcome. He’s not the only former Biden supporter who is now turning on the current President and the Democratic Party. Kevin Hart recently criticized Biden’s embarrassing memory lapses, and Cardi B has also said that she will not be endorsing anyone for President in this election cycle after previously supporting the current President in 2020. Nicki Minaj has criticized the President as well.

The recent criticism of Biden by these well-known black celebrities who have traditionally supported Democrats and the left also comes on the back of new polling showing Trump making significant and consistent gains with the black community. Even the Washington Post recently reported that there are four new polls showing that the former President has nearly 20 percent support in the black community. President Trump is thought to have gotten between 8-12 percent of the black vote in 2020 based on exit polls.

Even The Rock, the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, has also now come out against the incompetent current President after previously endorsing Biden in 2020. Dwayne Johnson recently did an interview on Fox News with Will Cain outlining how he thinks Biden is destroying America.

The left has always relied far more on celebrities than the right in American politics. In recent years the Democratic Party has tried to use celebrities ranging from Lebron James to Taylor Swift to dissuade rational voters from supporting the failed policies of the incompetent current administration. What is likely happening now is that in addition to the fact that many Celebrities have now reached a breaking point in their support of Biden and the left, many of these individuals also now realize that supporting such an unpopular and failed leader is bad for their brands. Many of these celebrities are more concerned about their brand and making money than Biden or American politics in general, these individuals realize that they are now hurting their support with their fans by continuing to back such an obviously failing administration.

There are some notable celebrities who are conservative, but most publicly outspoken celebrities are on the left, and that is not surprising since Hollywood has been a tough place for conservatives to work for a long time. The fact that even some left-leaning public figures who supported Biden in 2020 are now unwilling to support the current President even in a critical election year shows how bad the political environment has become for Democrats. The multiple and continued failures of the current administration have reached a breaking point even with some of the left’s most ardent and well-known supporters.