Saturday, May 25, 2024

mRNA Vaccines Made You Sick Now They Want To Make You Sicker And Call It A Cure

My father used to sarcastically say “Sounds like good work if you can get it” whenever he heard of someone making money for doing something too easy.

Moderna is in that position now. During the “plandemic,” the firm created a vaccine that has turned out to be anything but effective. It’s time to be honest and rip the band-aid off this story. The mRNA jab has proven to be dangerous in some individuals. It was rushed to market and forced down the throats of many Americans. Those who were hesitant to get vaccinated were often coerced with threats of suspension or job loss.

The initial jab was followed by as many as five other boosters, which should be all a thinking person needs to understand that the vaccine does not work. If it did, why would there be a need for any boosters, far less multiple ones? The result has been an uncommon number of sudden deaths, especially in younger people. Increased heart arrhythmias, Immune system deficiencies, and blood clot occurrences have all skyrocketed. These have all happened within a fairly short period of time medically speaking. The long-term effects are still unknown, although worries about fertility are already being suspected and discussed.

Moderna, a pharmaceutical giant, has recently revealed new mRNA vaccines aimed at treating the severe side effects of Covid-19 shots. This announcement was made during the company’s Vaccines Day Event for investors on March 28th. Moderna highlighted its progress on several mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutic candidates in its “pipeline.”

The company has three vaccines aimed at preventing Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), Varicella-zoster virus (VZV – responsible for chickenpox and shingles), and Norovirus are currently in “pivotal late-stage development”. The company has also announced that its respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine mRNA-1345 for older adults is expected to receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This would put Moderna in a prime position to benefit from the estimated $52 billion market for infectious disease vaccines.

On its website, the company also stated, “We continue to explore the application of mRNA in the potential treatment of cardiovascular and other ischemic vascular diseases.” Which are two of the issues the original vaccine is suspected of creating in otherwise healthy people.  The website also states that the firm is also developing mRNA treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Citing the well-documented and often serious adverse reactions to the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, some scientists and doctors have expressed concerns regarding the potential risks of both existing and new mRNA formulations. Some are also questioning if Moderna is trying to profit by offering products to treat the diseases that its products have caused.

Brian Hooker, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at Children’s Health Defense, states that synthetic-modified RNA (modRNA) in the cells suppresses innate immunity that keeps latent viruses at bay and protects against new infections.

Hooker told The Defender.

“One of the mechanisms involves microRNAs that suppress the production of cellular interferon, which is extremely important for attack against viral infections as well as tumor suppression.”

Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., Dr. Peter McCullough, and others in a June 2022 paper explored the innate immune suppression by mRNA vaccines.

The vaccine makers have seen a significant increase in their profits due to the vaccine rollout. Moderna, for instance, reported a net income of $12.2 billion in 2021, after incurring a net loss of $747 million in 2020 while the shots were still under development. Pfizer, on the other hand, generated a profit margin in the high 20 percent range on the vaccine in 2021, which rose slightly in 2022. Chief Financial Officer Frank D’Amelio has confirmed this. Pfizer shares the vaccine’s profits equally with its partner BioNTech.

The vaccines represent big money to these companies, and they are continuing to be pushed by politicians and the national media despite the clear proof of the unintended, but dangerous medical conditions they create.

They are once again trying to convince the American public that the solution to their problems lies in a vaccine, which is a personal decision that everyone must make for themselves. However, my answer is straightforward and uncomplicated

No Thanks.