Saturday, May 18, 2024

Multiple Complications show the Absurdity of the Supposed Hush Money Case being brought against Trump

The left will do anything to try to keep former President Trump from reaching power. From sham impeachment efforts, pathetic indictments, to even an attempt in Colorado to have him thrown off the ballot, many Democrats have shown they are willing to sink to any low to stop Trump. The current criminal case brought by the Soros-controlled District Attorney Alvin Bragg is another example of how desperate the Democrats have become.

Bragg was sworn in at the beginning of 2022, and he declined to press charges against Trump later that year in a number of cases, including the supposed hush money charge. Not surprisingly, the far left-wing DA who ran for office campaigning against Trump, changed his mind when he found out the former President was running again. Even individuals who hate the former President such as disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti have come out against the current efforts by Bragg. The case brought by the Soros-funded DA is blatantly political, and these kinds of fake crusades risk destroying the already wavering public confidence in the justice system.

This is why the recent dismissal of several jurors once again highlights how political this case is. Two jurors were recently dismissed, one for not being truthful, and one for being contacted by friends about the case. This comes after a juror who tweeted pictures of people in the streets of New York celebrating Biden becoming President in 2020 was seated as a juror, causing Trump to audibly sigh in court. The notion that the former President could ever get a fair hearing in a city where nearly 70 percent of the people are Democrats and the judge is an individual whose children are fundraising off their dad’s efforts to get Trump, is beyond absurd. Loren Merchan raised nearly $93 million for a progressive PAC in Chicago in part off of her dad’s efforts to target Trump.

Michael Cohen is also doing interviews about his upcoming testimony at the trial while at the same time the judge has issued a gag order to Trump preventing him from commenting on people involved in the proceedings. Judge Merchan issued a gag order against the former President in late March, and he expanded the order on April 15th.

Cohen’s interviews and Judge Merchan’s daughter raising money off of her dad being a biased judge are just two examples of what a pathetic circus the weak case against the former President has become. Still, the ramifications of the left’s degradation of the legal process has consequences. The country is obviously divided, and many individuals have already lost trust in law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and the rule of law. A further breakdown in public confidence in the legal system is likely to have wide-ranging and long-term consequences. Current actions create future precedents, and the left’s short-sightedness is dangerous for the country.