Saturday, May 18, 2024

Racist Black Athletic Director Frames White Principal With Phony AI-Generated Conversation

Last week, a shocking incident occurred where an innocent man was falsely accused of a crime that never happened. The accusation was based on a fabricated conversation generated by an AI system. This event has raised significant concerns about the growing use of AI and the potential for misuse. The widespread availability of AI technology means more people have access to it, increasing the likelihood of such incidents occurring in the future, possibly on a larger scale. These concerns have cast a dark cloud over the judicial system and demand immediate attention to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Somewhere, Jessie Smollett is either doing a happy dance, dreaming of future schemes, or banging his fist on a table, cursing his luck for not having this type of deception in his repertoire years ago.

At a Baltimore County School, artificial intelligence clearly showed its double-edged ability to be used for good or bad. Unfortunately, in this case, it was definitely used for horrible reasons. It was there where a black athletic director, Dazhon Darien, attempted to frame a white principal by using AI to create a racist conversation that never happened.

Pikesville High School was thrown into chaos when an audio clip of the conversation began circulating. The recording features a man who sounds like Principal Eric Eiswert talking to a woman named Kathy, who is believed to be Vice Principal Kathy Albert.

According to The Baltimore Sun, there is a recording where Eiswert can be heard complaining about having to endure “ungrateful black kids who can’t test their way out of a paper bag.” This has caused outrage in the local community who have strongly condemned the principal for making such damning comments.

As a result of the false conversation. Eiswert was removed from his position and required police protection at his home after dealing with threats online. WBAL-TV reported that detectives consulted the FBI and other experts, who confirmed that the recording was faked using AI technology after the suspect denied it.

Investigators spent two months gathering internet and phone records to link the recording to Darien, the school’s 31-year-old athletic director. According to the Sun, the recording was found to be fake, and Darien was arrested on Thursday morning for creating it. He was apprehended by the police at the airport as he attempted to catch a flight to Houston. However, he was flagged for carrying a poorly packed firearm. Authorities suspect that Darien created the false audio to retaliate against Eiswert, who was investigating him for misusing school funds and theft, according to the Sun.

According to the state’s attorney, Scott Shellenberger, this case presents a unique challenge for Baltimore County. It involves AI-generated slander, which they have not dealt with before. However, one may argue that lying is lying, regardless of the means of delivery. Furthermore, this case also fits the criteria of a hate crime, which makes it even more serious.

Shellenberger seems to be trying to lay the groundwork for an alibi. He stated:

“In this particular case, we obviously had some statutes that were right on point, but we do, in fact, need to look at some others. We also need to take a broader look at how this technology can be used and abused to harm other people.”

NO! This is a deliberate hate crime and Darien needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Enough with the excuses! This is a black man who tried to frame a white man because he was caught committing a crime.

AI or no AI, a lie is still a lie, and all lies are artificially generated. The fact that he used a computer to assist him doesn’t change a thing.