Saturday, May 18, 2024

See you at “The People’s Convention”

In roughly two months, Turning Point Action (TPAction) is hosting its 2nd annual summer convention: “The People’s Convention”.

Last summer, TPAction hosted a two-day conference in West Palm Beach called ACTCON 2023. I personally attended and enjoyed last year’s conference as Turning Point Action is more of a “boots on the ground”/activist group. So, I found the information coming from TPAction as more practical/helpful for grassroots conservative activists.

This year, Turning Point Action is hosting a new conference–“The People’s Convention”–in the swing state of Michigan in downtown Detroit. The event will run from Friday, June 14th until Sunday, June 16th.

Here is the website’s description of the event:

Featuring the most prominent names in the movement, a straw poll, thousands of attendees from all 50 states, dozens of sponsoring organizations, and, preceding the RNC by a month- The People’s Convention will serve as the natural focal point of the national conservative political movement ahead of the 2024 election. Attendees will leave equipped with the tools, knowledge, and network to lead their communities and win in November!”

So far, two of the confirmed speakers for the Convention are Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk and President Donald Trump. In the coming weeks, we can expect more announcements for the many other speakers at “the People’s Convention”.

The Convention will have a mix of speeches and breakout panels from some of the top personalities within the conservative movement. You can check out the event’s agenda here if you want to learn more.

I appreciate the good work that Turning Point Action is doing for Republicans in the 2024 presidential cycle. This organization is playing a key role in helping the “get-out-the-vote” operations for President Trump in the swing states of Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

I highly recommend that you learn more about Turning Point Action’s activities here on its main website. Turning Point Action also has an excellent weekly podcast called the “Swing State Update”:

Anyways, I hope you all to see at “the People’s Convention” in June! You won’t want to miss this one, so consider registering for the conference here.