Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Protests in New York again shows the Chaos that is Today’s Democratic Party

Another day and another left-wing protest that is shutting down major parts of American cities. With the war between Israel and Hamas continuing to rage, and risks of a wider conflict brewing, there have been huge boycotts and rallies throughout the country that have mostly been focused on opposition to the current administration’s support of Israel. The best way to lead is by example. Words can carry importance, but only if they are backed by real and substantive action. When your supporters are engaging in acts of violence, as we saw with the left for nearly the full summer of 2020 after the tragic death of George Floyd, silence is complicity. A refusal to condemn the violent acts of your supporters is tacit support of these individuals’ actions.

While free speech and peaceful protests have for centuries been hallmarks of what makes American democracy great, violence has no place in the political system or anywhere else. The current rallies centered in college campuses at places such as Columbia have gotten completely out of control, and as usual, the Democratic and left-wing leaders who who represent these individuals are quiet. Regardless of anyone’s thoughts on Netanyahu or Israel’s response, these agitators have been embarrassing.

The recent protests against the Biden administration’s support for Israel have descended into chaos, with Columbia being forced to cancel in-person classes indefinitely. Dozens were also arrested at campuses such as Yale, Harvard, and many other colleges around the country. Stopping students from going to class, blocking traffic, and disrupting the normal function of society, are not acceptable forms of protest. Republicans and conservatives have seen the current failed administration create chaos at the southern border, turn the FBI on people Biden disagrees with like they are the Gestapo, and also impose absurd jail sentences on people who merely entered the capitol on January 6. Conservatives and Republicans have still not shut any campuses down, burned any cities, or stopped society from functioning.

The marked difference between how the right and the left express themselves today as part of the political process is important. While many of the agitators are younger individuals, Democratic leaders are eager to egg on these individuals through silence and sometimes even outright support. in 2020, when cities were being burnt down throughout the country, left-wing news commentators such as Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo suggested that protests need not be peaceful. Some on the left such as Congresswomen Pressley and Maxine Waters even called for violence against Republicans and conservatives.

A key difference between how Republicans and conservatives express themselves as opposed to how the left agitates is evident in the very different underlying philosophies of both movements. Much of the left sees America as a fundamentally flawed and oppressive system, while conservatives believe in tradition and the rules of law. While obviously some Republicans and conservatives went to far on January 6th, this event was a one-off, and even on that day, there were no murders. The left believes that violence and the disruption of civil society is both justified and necessary, since these delusional individuals see their cause as being more important than other people’s daily lives. The violence we saw over the summer in 2020 and the chaos we are seeing now is a core part of today’s failed Democratic party.