Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Utah School District Is The Latest Missing Jenga Piece In The Collapsing American Education System

In the United States today, there are numerous problems, but one of the most concerning is the state of our education system. In fact, with all the issues that are taking place in our schools, it is questionable whether calling it an education system is accurate. A more fitting name would be an indoctrination system.

As if the mental condition of transgenderism isn’t dangerous enough, there are kids that call themselves “furries” and pretend they are animals. Furries are people who identify with animals who have human characteristics, like cartoon characters. Over the past several decades, they’ve formed a growing and inclusive community that offers acceptance, friendship, and the opportunity to express oneself.

Although they may seem innocent, certain activities are inappropriate in school. Unfortunately, some school districts allow these activities to take place, which can negatively impact other students.

In the Nebo School District of Utah, around 75 students and some parents protested against this subculture of furries. A video recorded outside the school by a live streamer named Adam Bartholomew showed the students alleging that furries growl, bark, scratch, and even bite them.

“These kids are mentally ill, and they’re trying to force their illness upon us,” said one girl. She added that the kids who dressed up were ages 10 to 13.

Other kids said the furries spray Febreze on other students, sometimes in their eyes. “They bite us. They scratch us. They bark at us,” said another child. The students also claimed that litter boxes had been placed in some girl’s restrooms.

During the protest, students expressed their frustration with the school administration for downplaying their complaints about the behavior of the furries. The protesters claimed that the officials defended the furries instead of addressing their concerns. Several videos from the protest showed children holding signs and making accusations about the administration ignoring their complaints. The students alleged that the principal instructed them to be kind and nice to the furries when they raised their concerns. The signs carried by the protesters read “Don’t brainwash us” and “Compelled speech is not free speech.”

One parent at the protest said that their child had recorded video of the furries interrupting school, but they were allegedly reprimanded by school officials. This behavior and the administration’s poor reaction prompted a petition to be posted on change.org, demanding that school officials apply their rules to all students, including the furries. 629 people signed the petition. Some fed-up students at the protest called for the furries to be suspended from school, and others wanted them to be expelled.

Utah Parents United addressed the situation in a Facebook post.

“It is harmful to children for school rules and dress codes to be centered around the marginalized. It perpetuates the victim culture that is damaging our children! As parents we must speak out when schools validate any disruptive, antisocial, and extreme behavior.”

Nebo School District spokesperson Seth Sorenson said that claim was false. He also said students at the middle school are not wearing full-body animal costumes to be classified as “furries.” The group of students being targeted were students who sometimes come to school wearing headbands “that may have ears on them.”

“These are pretty young kids. You’ll have students that show up with headbands and giant bows; you’ll have students that show up dressed as their favorite basketball player, or baseball player. That’s just what kids this age do.”

I believe that Sorenson’s statements justify the students’ claims. He was defending the students who were acting inappropriately and offering a weak excuse that because they weren’t in full costumes, no harm was done. However, it is important to explain to Sorenson that even if someone is only wearing a headband with ears on it, if they are behaving like animals, barking, growling, scratching, biting, and spraying Fabrese at other students, such behavior cannot be defended.

He also needs to be reminded that wearing your favorite sports hero’s jersey or sweatshirt is not even close to pretending that you’re some kind of animal.

The Nebo School District is obviously on the woke train. Last month, a middle school in the same district made headlines after a teacher was documented indoctrinating students into climate change propaganda by providing insects for children to eat for class credit.

The very fact that a school district anywhere would tolerate this type of bizarre behavior is beyond the pale. School is for education and learning the discipline necessary for mental growth. It is not a place for immature children to work through their mental illnesses and fantasies. Condoning this type of mental depravity will not prepare these kids for adulthood. The woke justification for everything, no matter how perverted, is not beneficial to the individual or society as a whole. In fact, encouraging this behavior may ultimately ruin the societal structure as we know it.