Saturday, May 25, 2024

Want To Read King Of The Jungle? I’ll Make You A Deal!

As I am in book-hawking mode once again, which is the fate of any author wishing to put food on the table, I’ll just pass along a few reactions to King of the Jungle that have turned up on Amazon

Scott McKay does a masterful job of having the reader experience an all too possible scenario, based on current events populated with “fictional” characters whose actual identities are well-known. As with his “Tales of Ardenia” series, principled, honorable people triumph over the corrupt and unscrupulous; all seen through the eyes of a main character whom the reader easily identifies with. If events do not turn out as they do in McKay’s books, they should!

Reading his stories – where the righteous overcome evil – offers the reader not only an excellent adventure but provides hope that the problems our nation faces will in fact, turn out for the best eventually. Whether that’s true or not, his books are fun, tell a great story, and provide a most-satisfying degree of hope for the future of our country.

A great adventure, a main character that immerses the reader, and hope for the future for a world currently in turmoil. What’s not to like?


This book was a hoot. The author mixed the personalities of current political figures with a fictional, though not implausible, invasion of a South American country. The plot twists and turns as those characters act just as they do in real life, instead in a high adventure story. Very clever.


Scott McKay is a brilliant writer who weaves unique, invaluable lessons into each of his novels. King Of The Jungle is no exception. It is one of those books that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

And one more…

A unique story; very interesting. This author is talented.

Not too shabby, eh? Everybody who reads King of the Jungle loves the thing. You will, too.

As it happens, I have some paperback copies that just made it in, and I’m happy to sign and ship them to you for the low price of $24.95 — which is the Amazon retail price. I’ll cover the shipping if you’ll promise to put up an Amazon review. Just click here and we’ll make it happen.

I know some of you have already read it. But now we’re going to make this thing a bestseller. Read it, and you’ll know why — next to Kurt Schlichter’s The Attack, it might be the most timely book on the market. And as I’ve been told by several readers, it’s hilarious! When’s the last time a book or a movie made you laugh?

Get a signed copy for the regular retail price, minus the shipping cost, and all you have to do is go to Amazon and leave a review if you like it (which you will)? Come on. That’s a great deal!

So anyway, that’s the pitch. Happy reading!