Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Why Biden’s Latest Student Loan Bailout Proposal is a Preview of his Election Strategy of Trying to Bribe Voters

Money talks and BS walks. This old but true phrase is a succinct way of saying that money can absolutely change the actions of individuals. This adage is also true in politics.

The Biden administration has failed. The current President’s foreign policy has weakened America, his domestic policies have led to rampant inflation, and Biden border policies have the country significantly less safe. The current incompetent president cannot run on his record, so he will try to run against Trump and also to bribe voters. The latter is what Biden’s recent bailout proposal for many with student loan debt is about.

It’s not a coincidence that the current President’s latest attempt to bribe voters focuses on the younger more progressive part of his coalition. The current administration recently announced a new student loan bailout plan focused on interest payments that would offer borrowers up to $20,000 in debt relief in some cases. This new proposal, which is not yet final, would also give some relief to people facing financial hardship, and to people who owed more than they borrowed after a number of years have passed. As I wrote in several previous articles on this topic, the War between Israel and Hamas, as well as the perception by some progressives that Biden hasn’t done enough on what the left refers to as climate change, has led many younger voters to become increasingly disillusioned with the current incompetent President. The recent Michigan and Wisconsin primaries, as well as several polls that have come out in the past six months, all show younger voters moving away from Biden. Governor Whitmer even came out publicly after the Michigan primary to try to convince voters in her state unhappy with Biden’s handling of current Middle Eastern conflicts to support the failing current President.

Joe Biden is going to do everything in his power to get votes, and history has shown the left is willing to play much more dirty than the right when it comes to elections. The Democrats pushing of the Russian hoax investigation and the current sham indictments against Trump are just two examples of this fact. Social security payments were also increased by a historically large 8.7% in 2022 ahead of the November midterm elections.

Biden is going to try to bribe voters with bailouts, increased payouts on government programs, and promises of more money if the incompetent President gets a second term. The current administration’s new student loan bailout proposal is more limited in scope than the original plan that the Supreme Court struck down several years ago, but this is still a significant policy initiative.

One of the main reasons why the economy is weak right now is because of how the left’s out-of-control spending has caused record high price levels that have destroyed much of the purchasing power of middle and low income families. The student loan debt crisis is also not being addressed by any of these bailout proposals of the current administration either. College education is still often too expensive, too many people are attending higher education facilities, and wages of college graduates aren’t often high enough for graduates to be able to pay loans back. The college education system and the entire student loan process is broken, piece mail bailouts will only exacerbate problems.

Many on the left will do anything to stop President Trump from returning to power, and bribing voters is just a natural next step for a lot of Democrats. The left is focused on indicting the former President, scaring voters with empty slogans like the former President supposedly being a threat to democracy, and now bribing key parts of their increasingly unhappy and fragile voting coalition. Biden is doing anything and everything to not run on his failing current record, and these pathetic efforts will likely only increase as the polls continue to turn south for the current President.