Friday, April 12, 2024

Why the Fight for Bob Good’s Seat is an Important Moment for the GOP

There are always certain political battles that operate as a bellcow for a political party’s future.

Sometimes parties reach inflection points, and certain races are often a good sign of what the future beholds.

The Virginia Republican primary race between incumbent Bob Good, the leader of the House Freedom Caucus, and John McGuire, a former Navy Seal, is an important race for conservatives across the country. McGuire has refused to admit so publicly, but it’s clear he was likely recruited by former speaker Kevin McCarthy and other more moderate Republicans such as Representative Van Orden to knock off the more conservative Good. McGuire, who has said he is friendly with McCarthy, has cited Good’s efforts to have McCarthy removed as Speaker as one of the reasons he’s running against the leader of the House Freedom Caucus.

Some Republicans such as Van Orden are essentially complaining that Good and his Caucus are obstructionists who want to be famous rather than getting to work passing meaningful legislation.

I don’t agree with all of Bob Good’s positions, but it is imperative that the leader of the Freedom Caucus win this primary and reelection for multiple reasons. The left has almost always fought harder than the right in American politics. When Trump was President, the Democrats impeached the former President twice, ruthlessly attacked him with fabricated claims of collusion, and relentlessly attacked nearly all of the successful former President’s policy initiatives.

Republicans and conservatives need principled and strong members who will fight both against the extreme far-left agenda that Biden has pursued, as well as advocate strongly for conservative policies. Nobody has fought harder for Trump and the conservative movement than members of the House Freedom Caucus such as Jim Jordan, Chip Roy, and Matt Gaetz. While it’s important that Republicans and conservatives not sink to the lows we saw Democrats and the Left go to in promoting such fake conspiracies as the Russia hoax, the Right needs strong and smart leaders who will take principled positions and fight for them. Bob Good is one of those individuals.

The important role of members of the House Freedom Caucus, particularly over the last 8 years, cannot be over-emphasized. These individuals have been Trump’s staunchest allies in Congress by far. Jim Jordan, the leader of this Caucus has done a very good leading critically important hearings into corruption at the FBI , the Biden crime family, and a number of other policy topics as well.

Jordan and Congressmen Matt Gaetz were also key defenders of the former President at many other times, including during the sham impeachment hearings. Chip Roy has also been a key Trump ally on a wide range of issues ranging from what the left refers to as climate change to corruption in the Biden Justice Department as well. While Good supported Desantis over Trump in the Republican primary, Good has been a strong defender of the former President, and he is fully aligned with Trump and conservatives on most key policy positions.

The real reason McGuire and some other moderate House Republicans want to remove Good is because they are angry over McCarthy being voted out as speaker, and some of these individuals have never really liked the MAGA movement anyway. While some moderate Republicans have done good work, stood with President Trump, and supported conservative positions, many of these individuals have over the years been RINOs who were more than willing to support liberal positions on a number of issues. The horrific No Child Left Behind Policy and former President George W. Bush’s push for amnesty for illegal immigrants are two examples of this.

No one agrees with all of the actions or policy positions of any one individual, but Republicans need principled conservatives who will fight for their ideals. The Republican Party is much stronger with people like Bob Good in leadership positions.