Saturday, May 25, 2024

WTF WEF? Eliminate Elections?

Nazi globalist Klaus Schwab Has never been shy about sharing his views about elitist control. Schwab is to democracy what Ted Bundy was to dating. Nothing about his views align with reality as we know it.

The Furor, who is the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is now on record stating that global governments should eliminate democratic elections. This essentially implies that the public’s opinions are worthless and that unelected global elitists should select future leaders.

Schwab, who has also voiced his opinion that the global population needs to be drastically reduced, believes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to predict who the leaders should be. The elitists’ ultimate goal of having a One-World Government is based on reducing the world’s population. Fewer people to govern is key to their Great Reset and the UN Agenda 2030.

For those unfamiliar with the idea of a one-world government, the plan for population reduction and elitist domination can be traced back to a report called “Limits to Growth” a blueprint of devastation hatched by The Club of Rome published in 1972. That plan incorporates everything from the climate change hoax, which is all about monetary movement and has nothing to do with the environment, to “plandemics,” and vaccines.

The Club of Rome is a Rockefeller brainchild. Like the WEF, WHO, GAVI (the vaccination-pharma alliance), and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), also called the Central Bank of all Central Banks, are all located in Switzerland. All have full diplomatic immunity and are tax-free.

The 54th WEF Davos24 which ended 6 days ago, was titled “Rebuilding Trust.” However, The topics discussed, such as Climate Change, the coming of a new “plandemic” disease “X” that is “already being cultivated somewhere, and Schwab’s cult-like admiration of AI, didn’t do much for confidence building.

Schwab has a fixation with AI. His obsession with microchip implants and mind reading is frightening. One conversation he had with Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google and former President of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is a perfect example. He stunned Brin with this question.

“Imagine we are sitting here ten years from now and have an implant in our brain, and I can immediately feel because we all are having implants, I can measure your brain waves, and I can immediately tell you how the people react to your answers, is that imaginable?”

Not knowing what to say in response to such a bizarre question, Brin rolled his eyes, then embarrassed he threw his arms in the air and sheepishly said:

“I think that is imaginable.”

Schwab then takes his obsession a step further by suggesting:

“We can create a system where we don’t even need democratic elections because we can predict how you are going to be thinking and feeling.”

Don’t be fooled. Schwab is keenly aware that elections have been manipulated for decades. All over the world, fair elections have become an illusion, with elites pulling the strings. That’s why they hate Trump so much. He does not play their game, and his election was a slap in the face and a major setback to their plan. Biden is the exact opposite. A slurring meat puppet with eyes that is easily controlled.

Schwab wants to control your thoughts. One way or another he implies that the goal is to influence your thinking the way they want it to be. The obsession with implanted chips and AI ruling our everyday lives, with robots replacing humans in the labor markets, has been going on for a long time. Indoctrination or “social engineering,” as one of the principal mind manipulation agencies, the UK-based Tavistock Institute, calls it, is being carried out to perfection. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Tavistock is working with Hollywood, taking the pulse in events like WEF-Davos, the UN General Assembly, and many more international and local events, gaging people’s reactions and impulses.

Today’s world can be deceiving. Much of what the media reports on is false, such as the narrative around climate change. Admitting to yourself and others that we have been deceived or manipulated is often the most difficult obstacle to overcome. The people behind these hoaxes know this human tendency and use it to continue the deception.

The Club of Rome was established in 1968 and comprised more than a hundred prominent members, including scientists, economists, business leaders, and former politicians from all over the world. In 1972, it gained significant public attention with the release of its first report, “The Limits to Growth.”

The book, published in 1972, used a computer model created by three MIT scientists to analyze global resource consumption and production. When the results were made public, they caused a stir by suggesting that we were using more resources than the planet could handle, which is known as global “overshoot.”

It was then that the “string pullers” decided to use this information to enforce their dystopian ways upon mankind. It’s simple math: If you want to decrease the use of resources, decreasing the human population is a natural conclusion to achieve that goal. However, the question is then presented about how exactly to do that.

If resources were the only issue, why would there be so much conversation about a New World Order and a One World Government? The reason is obvious: that is the real goal, and everything else is used to accomplish that end. The “plandemics,” the move from fossil fuels that has no chance of succeeding, the indoctrination of our children with the myth of more than two sexes causing social unrest, reinvigorating the idea of systemic racism, and the attacks on certain religions such as Judaism and Christianity are all part of the plan. Chaos and hatred wrapped in fearmongering.

It’s important to recognize that the woke left is waging a multifaceted war against us, and we must separate the individual attacks. Tolerating the delusional concepts they promote is not beneficial for society; in fact, it is detrimental. The idea of hatred and dissatisfaction between races and religions, combined with the overriding sense of impending doom, creates a perfect scenario for a governmental agency to intervene and “quell our fears”, even though they are actually responsible for them. Schwab’s recent comments suggest that the World Economic Forum and the elites who view themselves as the chosen ones are determined to stick to their plan. They aim to attain complete control and are willing to take extreme measures to achieve their goal.

I suggest we all stay vigilant and stop tolerating what we know is inherently wrong. Stand up to the left’s lies and make it clear that we will not continue to accept these delusions.