Saturday, May 18, 2024

Yet Another Bombshell in the Corrupt Liberal Media: The Resignation of Respected Longtime Journalist Uri Berliner at NPR

The corruption that has always been prevalent in the national liberal press has reached new lows since 2016 when President Trump was elected. Whether the corrupt media’s pushing of the Russian collusion hoax, fake stories about Trump not visiting military cemeteries to pay homage to veterans, or the downright refusal of this pathetic institution to even cover the stories of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Biden familiy’s overall corruption, recent history has made clear that there are few if any journalists on the left that remain in positions of power or importance.

The recent resignation of Uri Berliner, a whistler blower at NRP, is another new low for the pathetic liberal media. Berliner had worked for 25 years at the biased news stations before recently resigning after having been suspended without pay for going public about the corruption he’s seen at NPR for years now. Berliner is not a Trump supporter, he’s even stated that he voted against the former President twice, but he does consider himself a journalist. The longtime editor at NPR detailed the facts behind the scene at this left-wing mouthpiece. He discussed how the supposed newsrooms would simply repeat left-wing talking points, push fake stories to hurt Trump such as the Russia collusion hoax, and even downright ignore stories such as the Hunter Biden laptop sage, because people at the station thought coverage of those events might benefit Trump. Berliner is not a Trump supporter, but clearly viewed himself as a journalist, and he saw that NPR, like nearly all major national TV networks except Fox, have just turned into left wing propaganda outfits. Berliner also discussed the clear agenda of even the executives in charge of NPR, whose views he stated were hostile to the very idea of journalism.

Anyone who has wasted any time listening to NPR over the last several decades has known this publicly funded radio station has had a far left bias for some time. Still, the network became an all-out propaganda news station during and since the Trump years, which was a new low even for NPR. This pattern has been seen across the corrupt liberal media, with left-wing networks such as CNN becoming nothing but mouthpieces for propaganda during the Trump years and even to this day. There need to be more journalists and conservatives in the national media. One of the consequences of this far left-wing bias during the Trump years, besides the fake Russia collusion hoax and many other garbage stories, was how misinformed many people were about COVID. The left pushed fake narratives about the origin of COVID and lies about the supposed necessity of widespread shutdowns even after vaccines came out, as well as the false idea that vaccinated people could not spread the virus.

A Democracy needs informed citizens to function effectively. The problem on the left is that the Democrats don’t believe in giving the public facts, they believe in indoctrinating people. This is why the left opposes school choice, the Biden administration worked to censor social media companies, and very few Democrats have spoken up against the repeated silencing of Republicans and conservatives by big tech for many years now. The recent firing by MSNBC of Ronda McDaniel before she even worked at the far left network, a story that I wrote about several weeks ago, was another example of that disturbing but not new pattern. The left has made clear since 2016 that these individuals do not believe in free speech, and Berliner’s firing is just another example of this fact.