Thursday, June 20, 2024

Are Pigs Flying, Romney Gives Trump One Compliment

Mitt Romney is the epitome of a RINO and has been a consistent disappointment. From his lackluster performance in the 2012 second debate against Barack Obama to his continuous opposition to Trump during his presidency, Romney has shown a complete lack of loyalty to the GOP. His actions speak volumes about his self-centered nature.

I had the opportunity to meet him once. My wife and I attended one of his rallies, and we were standing directly in front of the stage. After he finished his speech, we had a very nice conversation extending from his campaign to Costco shirts. We liked him and voted for him; of course, this was before he made his betrayal of the Republican party irrefutable.

Even now, despite living under the worst president and administration in the history of the country, Romney can barely choke out a compliment about President Trump. Earlier this year, Romney appeared on the Communist News Network’s (CNN) The Source, hosted by Kaitlin Collins.

In the interview, Romney’s RINO horn was on full display. Rather than acknowledging the total failure of the Biden administration and the destruction of America’s morals, economy, and foreign policy, he continued to denigrate Trump.

He made it clear to Collins that he would not vote for Trump, stating:

“Having a President who is so defaulted of character would have an enormous impact on the character of America, and for me, that’s the primary consideration.”

That statement alone would be laughable if it weren’t so pitifully ignorant. Romney is essentially saying that he will allow Biden to continue his reign of delusional terror rather than vote for Trump. Biden, who abuses the power of the presidency daily and has padded his family’s pockets while catering to his perverted drug-addicted son, in Romney’s mind, is a better choice.

However, I guess even Romney can’t overlook 11 million Biden mistakes. In a recent interview with Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC, he admitted that Trump’s border policies worked while Biden’s have been a total failure.

“People have been screaming about the border for all three and a half years Joe Biden has been President. He’s not done anything to solve the problem of the border.”

“That’s a huge issue for President Trump. I can’t understand why President Biden didn’t tackle this from the beginning. If I were President Biden, I’d be all over that, and instead, he served it to President Trump on a silver platter.”

“When he (Trump) was President, he did a lot of things that sounded pretty ugly, but we didn’t have anywhere near the number of people that have come into the country illegally as we have under President Biden, and that’s something he (Biden) should have done everything in his power, frankly, take some actions that maybe the courts would have stopped, then he’d have a better argument saying, ‘Hey, Congress needed to act,’ but he never did that. As a result, the American people are saying, ‘Hey, I want something else.’”

Apparently, Romney thinks enforcing immigration law is something ugly. Yet, the 11 million illegals that have entered the country under Biden’s watch and are costing American taxpayers an estimated $451 billion annually will still garner his vote.

Romney disappeared at the second debate in 2012 and for the rest of his campaign. Since then, he has been a staunch advocate for woke far-left policies. What happened to change his views is anyone’s guess. Personally, I have my own suspicions. Still, to deny the reality of the failures of the Biden presidency and openly say he would vote for him again demonstrates a total lack of judgment.

Do the country a favor Mitt, just sit down and shut up.