Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Boy Scouts Name Change Is Just The Icing On Already Baked Woke Cake

Much has been made about the change in the Boy Scouts of America’s name this week, but the truth is that the left destroyed the organization years ago. The organization was started in 1910 and, for decades, acknowledged the difference between young men and women. It provided an opportunity for boys, especially many from urban areas, to experience the outdoors with the camaraderie of other young men.

Then, in 2013, the organization started to accept homosexual boys and, in 2015, homosexual leaders. In 2018, the Cub Scouts, which used to be the feeder program for The Boy Scouts, began accepting girls, and in 2019, the Boy Scouts followed suit. In 2019, the name was also changed from Boy Scouts of America to Scouts BSA.

So, as you can see, the organization’s announcement yesterday “that it will rebrand to “Scouting America,” reflecting the organization’s ongoing commitment to welcoming every youth and family in America to experience the benefits of Scouting,” is nothing more than the icing on the left’s woke cake. The announcement clarified that the change will go into effect on February 8, 2025, to celebrate the organization’s 115th anniversary.

To demonstrate the deterioration of the Scouts, consider that in 1972, membership peaked at just under 5 million. By 2018, membership had fallen to around 2 million and currently stands at around 1 million.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Roger Krone who took over last fall as President and CEO said this:

“In the next 100 years, we want any youth in America to feel very, very welcome to come into our programs. It sends this really strong message to everyone in America that they can come to this program, they can bring their authentic self, they can be who they are and they will be welcomed here.”

Krone is spewing the same nonsensical terminology used by transgender activists. The term “authentic self” should be used to describe reality, that being that there are two and only two genders. Instead, leftists like Krone throw it out, perpetuating the myth that a person can choose their gender, which is one of the most dangerous fallacies of our time.

He implied that there are no significant “gender differences” between the two complementary and cooperating sexes, which is absolutely ridiculous. Of course, you can have boys and girls working together, but that isn’t what the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts are about. The idea was to separate the sexes so each can enjoy those differences that make each gender unique.

He told the A.P.

“Though our name will be new, our mission remains unchanged: we are committed to teaching young people to be prepared for life. This will be a simple but very important evolution as we seek to ensure that everyone feels welcome in Scouting.”

“Membership is at historic lows, right? Part of my job is to reduce all the barriers I possibly can for people to accept us as an organization and to join.”

All of this begs the question, why do the Girl Scouts still exist? These changes imply that the Girl Scouts have been and still are inferior to the Boy Scouts, and the name change is an open invitation for everyone to join the same troop.

In 2019, the Girl Scouts were not pleased that girls could join the Boy Scouts. At the time, they issued this statement:

“The change does not change the position of Girl Scouts of the USA or our mission to serve girls, and girls only, and to foster their amazing leadership potential. We remain steadfast in our knowledge that Girl Scouts is the world’s single best leadership development program for girls.”

This isn’t hard to understand America. The Scout programs were created for separate genders for a reason. Inclusivity does not apply to everything. Being unique and different is a good thing, and boys and girls are most definitely different.