Saturday, May 18, 2024

Democrats Using Illegals Like Chess Pieces To Influence Elections

Republicans could glean two strategic insights from Democrats. First, they should consolidate and vote in a unified block to endorse every Republican agenda, even if they disagree about certain aspects. Secondly, they should persistently advocate every Republican talking point, dismissing any feigned outrage from Democrats, liberals, or the woke movement. The goal is to advance, mirroring the strategic approach of the Democrats.

It isn’t a secret that the blind eye Biden has turned towards the border has been done deliberately. Biden and his crooked, power-hungry cabal are seeking total governmental control. Through this control, Biden will advance his agenda for a one-world government. A plan that includes the perpetuation of the climate change hoax, which will result in a massive redistribution of global wealth, and well-orchestrated “plandemics,” resulting in further redistribution of wealth and a massive reduction in world population.

Biden, himself, is nothing more than a frontman, a puppet used by the evil cabal. He is so hypnotized by wealth and his perceived power that he has morally collapsed and does nothing for the country. During his term, he stood by and allowed the invasion of the United States. Using the illegals like chess pieces, he has followed orders and relocated thousands of illegals to red cities.

The Democrat’s plan was to allow illegals to be counted, thereby affecting the electoral college and giving them an advantage in congressional elections. House seats and Electoral College votes would have been added based on the number of illegals in those districts. Translation, we are in the middle of an organized and coordinated invasion of our nation. The end goal is for the Democrats to control the government completely.

This past week, once again Democrats voted unanimously to allow illegals to be counted, therefore essentially giving them representation in the Electoral College and in Congress. Sadly, as usual, Republicans were not unified, as eleven did not bother to vote on the issue. Fortunately for the nation, the vote still failed by four votes.

House Speaker Mike Johnson disparaged the liberal idea of control.

“We should not reward states and cities that violate federal immigration laws and maintain sanctuary policies with increased Congressional representation. Common sense dictates that only American citizens should be counted for electoral apportionment.”

Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee has introduced a bill that would ensure only legal citizens are factored into the count for congressional districts and the electoral college map.

“It is unconscionable that illegal immigrants and non-citizens are counted toward congressional district apportionment and our electoral map. While people continue to flee Democrat-run cities, desperate Democrats are back-filling the mass exodus with illegal immigrants so that they do not lose their seats in Congress or their electoral votes for the presidency, hence artificially boosting their political power and in turn diluting the power of other Americans’ votes. I’m pleased to introduce this legislation that would require a citizenship question on the census and will ensure that only citizens are counted in congressional redistricting.”

The eleven House Republicans who did not vote on the measure are:

Banks of Indiana, Burgess, Sessions, Granger, McCaul, and Carter of Texas, Hageman of Wyoming, LaMalfa of California, Luna of Florida, McHenry, and Murphy of North Carolina.

You have to ask yourself why eleven Republicans would sit this vote out. Anna Paulina Luna is in my district, and I intend to ask her that question by the end of the day today.