Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Marjorie Greene’s Announcement That She Plans to Attempt to Remove Speaker Johnson is Exactly What the Republican Party does not Need Right Now

The left has almost always fought harder and dirtier than the right in American politics. As was seen with the the fake Russia-collusion hoax, two sham impeachments of former President Trump, and the now multiple absurd indictments against the previous President, the Democrats will go to almost any length to get and stay in power.

Because of this, having firebrands such as Marjorie Taylor Greene in Congress is important. While I don’t agree with some of the actions and things the congresswoman says, she is a principled conservative and a fighter, and the Republican party needs both right now. The right has rolled over far too often in recent times, including over the last eight years since President Trump was elected.

Still, everything has its limitations. This is why it is disappointing that MTG recently announced plans to force a vote to remove the current Speaker of the House Mike Johnson.

She filed a motion to vacate the speaker position several weeks ago, but the outspoken conservative only recently stated that she tends to force a vote on the floor of the House.

Mike Johnson is a principled conservative with a 90 percent conservative voting record. The congressman is also a staunch supporter of former President Trump, and he stated that he is all in for the former President last year. The Speaker also met with Trump before his recent effort to get the comprehensive foreign aid package passed, which is why some loan provisions for the aid to Ukraine were put in the bill. The former President has stated that Johnson has his support.

The Republican party doesn’t have to agree on every issue, and no Speaker is going to be perfect. The reality is the party was fairly evenly divided on aid to Ukraine, with a slight majority of House Republicans opposing aid to the country. The notion that Speaker Johnson has abdicated the deal he made with Greene when he became Speaker or that he’s doing the bidding of the Democrats is absurd.

Joe Biden is a failed President who is running America into the ground with his disastrous economic policies, open border, and weak foreign policy. While Republicans should speak up when they disagree with each other, simply voting to replace the Speaker every time you disagree with him or her is not productive at all, and this move makes the party look weak and unable to govern. Greene has not proposed any alternative to Johnson to be speaker, and there is slim to no chance that her preferred candidate would have enough votes anyway. Greene was originally upset that Johnson wouldn’t allow enough time to review bills before a vote on the floor, which she viewed as a violation of the agreement she had with him when he became speaker, but now the congresswoman’s complaint with the Speaker is simply that she doesn’t like the legislation he is bringing to the floor for a vote.

There is a difference between disputes over policy and questions over character and integrity. Greene didn’t agree with the portion of the recently passed foreign aid bill that included added funds for Ukraine. Her issue with Johnson is a disagreement on substance and policy, she has no basis to question his ethics or the Congressman’s general ways of handling the day-to-day operations of being the Speaker.

Greene’s motion also gives the Democrats control over whether or not Johnson will remain as speaker, since Republicans retain just a slim majority in the House. The Democrats have indicated they will vote to save Johnson as speaker, and her motion gives the left more power.

Greene has been a fierce ally of President Trump and a staunch conservative since she entered the House. The Republican Party needs more members who are willing to fight the way MTG does. Still, people need to pick their battles, and there is a difference between disagreements on policy, and questions about someone’s ethics and principles. Johnson is a principled conservative and a strong supporter of President Trump and the MAGA movement. Greene has also not even mentioned a single person that she would like to see replace the congressmen from Louisiana if her motion to vacate the Speaker position were successful. Greene is a fighter, and she’s good for the party, but the congresswoman has gone too far on this issue.