Saturday, May 25, 2024

Startling Statistics About The Campus Riots

Have you ever seen photos that seem off, but you can’t pinpoint why? After seeing countless images of the border invasion a few years ago, it struck me that these “Illegals” were oddly well-dressed. Moreover, most had brand-new or nearly new backpacks and phones. It’s evident that someone or something was bankrolling their invasion, raising the question of potential external influence.

Upon viewing the videos of the campus rioters, one couldn’t help but notice the anomalies. The methods of operations were strikingly similar, and the equipment was surprisingly high-end. Did anyone else spot the brand-new multicolored tents that popped up overnight nationwide? From New York to California, campuses were uniformly equipped, a clear indication of orchestrated collaboration.

Of course, Woke Democrats insist on looking past the obvious and try to redefine what’s actually taking place. Patricia Fahy, the chair of the Assembly Committee on Higher Education, criticized the arrest of peaceful student protesters. She posted on X:

“As the Chair of NY’s Higher Education Committee, I am disturbed by the use of riot police to forcibly remove students amid what has been largely peaceful, nonviolent protests at @Columbia and others. By design, colleges are intended to be places for open debate and discourse, which includes the right to free speech and assembly. One can oppose or criticize the policies of Netanyahu’s government and not be antisemitic. That being said, no student, regardless of religious beliefs or ethnicity, should feel threatened, unsafe, or harassed. Our campuses must remain stewards of open and free discourse and debate as they were historically intended to be.”

It may be necessary to remind the chair of NY’s Higher Education Committee that the current student protestors are not peaceful. Their actions include threatening violence, setting up illegal encampments, trespassing, demolishing the inside of buildings, leaving large amounts of debris, denying Jewish students access to classrooms, and forcing the school to cancel in-person classes for the remainder of the term. These actions do not indicate that the protestors are campaigning for peace.

In fact, these so-called leaders of tomorrow are really nothing more than spoiled troublemakers who are following the lead of others. Agitators who have been sent there to disrupt and harass the Jewish student body using these mindless, narcissistic sheep.

According to New York Police Department data, reported by the New York Post, of the 282 demonstrators arrested when NYPD officers ended the occupation of a building at Columbia University and dispersed tent encampments at Columbia and the City College of New York, 134 had no connection to the schools.

Citing NYPD data, reported by ABC News, at Columbia, 32 people arrested were not part of the university, while about 80 were affiliated with the school.

At City College, 102 individuals without school ties were arrested, compared to 68 with connections.

NY Mayor Eric Adams, a staunch woke Democrat, was surprisingly lucid about the situation.

“I know that there are those who are attempting to say, ‘Well, the majority of the people have been students.’ You don’t have to be the majority to influence and co-opt an operation. That’s what this is about. We’re going to protect our city from those who are attempting to do what is happening globally. There is a movement to radicalize young people, and I’m not going to wait until it’s done and all of a sudden acknowledge the existence of it.”

Rebecca Weiner, the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism, pointed out that some familiar faces from the protest circuit were on campuses.

“These protests have been and are being influenced by external actors who are unaffiliated with the universities, some of whom have been known to our department and others for many years for their dangerous, disruptive, and criminal activity associated with protests for years. So, this is not about what’s happening overseas, it’s not about the last seven months. It’s about a commitment to, at times, violent protest activity as an occupation.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, other colleges have also blamed outsiders for the out-of-control campus protests. New York University’s president said 68 of the 133 people arrested there on April 22 had no ties to the college. The University of Texas, Austin, said 45 of the 79 people arrested there on Monday had no connection to the school.

The same was true of many of those arrested at other campuses.

Rikki Schlott is a columnist for the New York Post. In a column, she issued a reminder to college administrations.

“Students need to be taught how to express themselves with their words, not their fists or their tents. The free exchange of ideas is the lifeblood of a university. Everyone on campus needs to be informed of the social contract and buy into it.”

“It’s a university’s responsibility to cultivate a community where everyone understands what free speech is, why it’s important, and where its protections end.”

“An ultra-selective Ivy League school should be a model for effective activism. Instead, the Columbia campers set an example in how to break the rules, and be self-righteous brats while at it.”

The organized activity of professional agitators nationwide and the funding involved should be a wake-up call for college administrations and lawmakers, revealing the depth and breadth of their involvement.

The money train must be followed so that those perpetrating these activities can be stopped. It’s time to cut off the head of the snake.