Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Corrupt Liberal Media Ignores the Bombshells Coming from The New Republican-Led January 6th Hearings

The narrative the left tried to sell of January 6th always seemed too simple. The original and completely biased Democrat-led January 6th hearings that excluded any real Republicans who were interested in making sure the real truth was told, were a complete sham. The left’s hearings into January 6th that ignored testimony and allowed witnesses such as Cassidy Hutchinson to tell completely fake stories without any actual corroboration were politicized from the beginning, and the individuals on that committee had no interest in finding out what really happened on that important day.

The Democrats also destroyed most of the evidence that was used for the hearings before Republicans took over the House after the 2022 midterm elections. While obviously, all Republican leaders condemned the violence on January 6th that some supporters of the party engaged in, the recent Republican-led hearings on the security breaches at the capitol that occurred on January 6th destroyed the fake narrative that Trump had somehow stood by and refused to take the steps necessary to deploy the National guard and secure the capitol during the events of that day.

The primary purpose of the pathetic Democrat-led January 6th hearings was supposed to be to focus on security letdowns on that day but Bennie Thompson and the Democrats did not care about finding out the truth about January 6th. Rather, the left wanted to use the sham hearings solely as political theatre to try to discredit the former President.

This is why the recent Republican hearings on this important day are so critical. Recent House testimony shows that there was a clear effort to keep the National Guard from getting to and securing the capitol before or even during the events of that day in January despite former President Trump’s efforts to make sure the Guard was ready for deployment. Four D.C. National Guard whistleblowers came forward with a very different version of what happened on January 6th than the fake narrative that the left has tried to sell to the public.

The witnesses were Captain Timothy Nick, Colonel Earl Mathews, Brigadier General Aaron Dean, and Sergeant Major Michael Brooks. All four were officers in the DC National Guard on January 6th.

The four individuals all testified that the guard was ready to secure the capitol before there was any breach of the building, and also that the unit was ready to secure the capitol immediately after people entered as well. They stated that there was deliberate decision by senior military officers to not send the guard to the capitol. Colonel Mathews stated that two Generals in charge, Army Director of Staff Walter Piatt, and General Charles Flynn, who was Deputy Chief of Staff of Operations, made a specific and stunning decision on a 2:30 PM conference call to not deploy the guard to the capital. Mathews believes that the entire events of January 6th would have been averted if the Guard had been correctly deployed, as nearly everyone on the call except the two Generals wanted. Mathews also stated Flynn and Piatt were concerned about the optics of having the Guard at the Capitol, and he also stated that those two senior military officers both lied to Congress and to the investigating inspector General when they stated the Guard was not ready and when these individuals denied saying optics was a concern of theirs.

One of the absurd narratives the left has tried to push about January 6th is that Trump knew what was happening at the capitol and did nothing.

The testimony of these four individuals makes clear that the claim is completely and totally false. Trump delegated the decision of when or how to deploy the guard to the Generals in charge, which is normal, and those individuals made the wrong decision, then lied to cover up their mistakes. The DC guard was ready to deploy. There has already been significant evidence showing that some of the key leaders urging people on January 6th to breach the capital were likely federal informants, such as Ray Epps. Epps is seen on film multiple times leading the effort to enter the Capitol, but he disappeared from the FBI’s most wanted list, and the Justice Department eventually pursued only lower-level charges against him after public pressure built, despite federal prosecutors seeking absurdly long sentences against most individuals who entered the capitol on January 6th. The FBI had so many informants on the ground on January 6th, they lost count. This includes individuals who entered the capitol on that day.

Obviously, the violence on January 6th should be condemned and some Trump supporters went to far on that day. Still, the Democrat-led sham hearings into the events of that day were just an effort to smear the former President, and the left covered up the clear role of Federal informants as well as the obvious mistakes made by senior military leaders that Trump had nothing to do with. The former President and acting Defense Secretary Miller made sure that the DC National Guard would be ready to deploy to secure the capitol on January 6th, and Generals Flynn and Piatt made a clear and obvious error to not deploy the unit in a timely fashion. If these military leaders had made the correct decision, the events of January 6th almost certainly would have been averted.