Saturday, May 18, 2024

The Entire Sham Hush Money Case Against Trump Hinges on the Absurd Testimony of Proven Liar Michael Cohen

The credibility of witnesses in trial cases is often everything. While evidence obviously has significant importance, the state still seldom gets convictions when the key or star witness is seen as not being credible by the jury or court rendering a verdict.

The ability of OJ Simpson’s team to discredit former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman was a key reason why the state’s case against him collapsed. There is still no substitute for human beings offering firsthand statements surrounding the key events that are at the core of a case.

The entire sham case being brought by Soros Funded DA “Fat Alvin” Bragg is built around the testimony of former Trump attorney and proven liar, Michael Cohen. The attorney has been making verifiably false statements under oath repeatedly, and the sleazy key witness for the State has credibility issues for multiple reasons.

The former Trump lawyer already pleaded guilty to making false statements to Congress in 2017, and recent testimony by Keith Davidson indicates Cohen also lied about his bias against the former President as well. Davidson, the lawyer who represented Playboy model Karen McDougal, testified that Cohen called him and told the attorney that he was outraged over not being brought back to Washington or reimbursed right away for paying Stormy Daniels $130,000. Davidson’s testimony is important because Cohen is the main and only real witness in the prosecution’s weak case against the former President. Cohen has testified he had no interest in following Trump to Washington, but Davidson’s testimony indicates that Cohen lied about this fact again, and that the former Trump attorney also had a strong bias against the former President.

Even left-wing propaganda network MSNBC recently reported that Cohen’s behavior was worrying prosecutors. Cohen has been going on news networks to discuss his testimony and the case against Trump as recently as this month. While the biased left-wing judge overseeing the case has not imposed a gag order on Cohen, the former Trump attorney’s constant appearances on television ahead of his in-court testimony are highly irregular and again show him to not be a credible witness. The star witness for the prosecution literally went on network television to talk about the case against Trump just a month before his scheduled testimony.

Cohen also recently disclosed yesterday that he was audio-taping Trump in 2016 without his permission while working for the former President, likely to see if he could sell these recordings for money. Cohen’s audio tape still does not implicate Trump in any criminal or other wrongdoing.

The case against President Trump in the current Hush money case is a complete sham. Federal prosecutors who had the chance to seek an indictment against Trump in 2021 chose not to, the new Soros-funded New York District Attorney only brought charges after Trump made it clear he was running for office. The jury pool in New York City, where nearly two-thirds of the citizens are Democrats, is also a completely improper venue for this case to be heard. The judge overseeing the case, Juan Merchan, has also reportedly made statements disparaging the former President to his daughter. Merchand’s daughter is also a Democratic operative who has raised tens of millions of dollars for her clients off of her the case her dad is overseeing as well.