Tuesday, May 28, 2024

When Justice Is Lost, Safety Wanes

It’s no secret that George Soros has infiltrated the American justice system. His exploits of backing ultra-liberal district attorneys, judges, and others have resulted in a revolving-door system of justice in far too many American cities. When justice is lost, the public suffers. Putting repeat offenders and violent criminals back on the street endangers everyone in that city.

A woke judge in Washington, D.C., has made a controversial decision to release a dangerous individual, 18-year-old Armonte Moody, on bail under house arrest. According to the Daily Mail, Judge Lloyd Nolan Jr., a magistrate judge in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, approved Moody’s release.

On April 22, Moody was caught on video firing 26 shots from an AR-15 at a car with four people inside while standing in the middle of Independence Avenue in a D.C. neighborhood.

After he opened fire, prosecutors say that Moody rushed back inside a nearby residence, disassembled the AR-15, and hid the pieces in the attic. The concealed gun was only found after several searches by officers, and Moody was later charged with endangerment of a firearm, possession of a weapon, and assault. 

According to Fox News, Nolan is a known donor to Gideon’s Promise, an organization with Soros ties that trains liberal public defenders. The organization’s  website reads in part:

“We envision a nation where everyone has access to zealous, outstanding legal representation necessary to ensure ‘equal justice for all’ in the criminal justice arena.”

Professor Jonathan Rippling established Gideon’s Promise in 2007. According to Fox News, the organization was granted a fellowship from Soros‘ Open Society Foundation.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C. appealed Nolan’s decision to grant bail to Moody in a court filing. According to the Daily Mail, they claimed that house arrest and GPS monitoring were insufficient to prevent Moody from endangering his community.

“Everyone in the car the defendant targeted was at risk. Every resident of that street was at risk,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office claimed in the court filing obtained by the Daily Mail.

A spokesperson for the D.C. Courts reacted to the criticism, telling Fox News that “Judge Nolan conducted a very thorough hearing and spoke directly with the defendant about the consequences of violating any portion of the release conditions.” All defendants have “a presumption of innocence, and the judge determined that his conditions ‘did ensure the safety of the defendant and the public.”

Even a former Obama administration official criticized the decision. Denise Krepp, who served as the chief counsel for the U.S. Maritime Administration under Obama, asked in an interview. “Where are the real grown-ups?”

“That kid walked out of the house, took a gun with him, shot up the neighborhood, and then calmly went back into the house, but for the grace of God, nobody died in my neighborhood that night.”

Moody’s public defender pushed for GPS monitoring and insisted the teen had a supportive family willing to keep tabs on him ahead of his trial.

Right, like they kept tabs on him before the shooting. This judge is one contradiction after the other. Saying that his actions are dangerous and then turning him loose in the same neighborhood.

In their attempt to reverse the decision to release the subject, the USAO filing noted that the Pretrial Services Agency (PSA) “only works during normal business hours. This would mean that if a suspect violates their terms at certain times, PSA only finds out about violations that occur at night or on weekends after the fact, once normal business hours resume.”

Releasing an 18-year-old thug who stood in the middle of the street and fired 26 shots at a vehicle, then hid the gun is not safe with an ankle bracelet.

In 1868, Prime Minister William Gladstone said:

“Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Let’s pray that this judge’s decision doesn’t cost an innocent person their life.