Thursday, July 25, 2024

Democrats Turn Off The Lights On Election Fraud In Michigan

The Democrats have perfected the art of not only lying and cheating but also projecting those who try to expose it as the villains. Who can forget the Dems impeaching Donald Trump for trying to have Ukraine investigate Hunter Biden when it was obvious that he was guilty as sin of numerous crimes.

Consider this: Trump was only guilty of trying to expose the true criminal, Hunter Biden. This, my friends, is the audacious way the Democrats operate. In Michigan, they are employing a technique that I like to call the “Good Dog” method of crime. It’s like a dog that hunches up and goes to the bathroom outside, then tries to cover it by kicking grass over the dirty deed.

The Democrats are just slightly more sophisticated than that. Knowing full well that they intend to commit election fraud in Michigan, they have taken preemptive steps to cover up their crime.

According to The Center Square:

“Senate Bills 603 and 604 would, among other changes, eliminate the board of canvasser’s investigative powers, instead requiring the board to refer any allegations of fraud to the relevant county prosecutor, rather than conducting a recount. Only alleged errors could merit a recount, and only when the alleged errors could potentially change election results.”

The bill was originally passed by the Michigan House last Thursday, then passed by the Michigan Senate this Tuesday, sparking massive outrage.

Republicans say the problem is that recalls are currently permitted based on allegations of fraud/error alone, but with the bill enshrined in law, allegations of fraud will officially be too few to merit a recall.

Rep. Greg Markkanen summed up the parallel universe that the Democrats live in and that they want us to believe in:

“Somehow, Democrats got it into their heads that if they all click their heels and chant, ‘there’s no place like home,’ the world would just fill with rainbows and sunshine, and all crime will magically disappear. That’s not how things work in the real world. Passing a law crippling checks and balances of our election system only further deepens public distrust. The world is full of bad people who may do bad things, including defraud our elections. Our system must be robust and equipped with all the tools necessary to uncover and investigate all discrepancies.”

State Rep. Rachelle Smit, the Republican vice chair of the Michigan House Elections Committee, agreed.

“Under current law, vote recounts may be done based on allegations of fraud or mistake, but the legislation voted on today not only removes fraud as a reason for a recount but also states that recount petitions may only allege an error and requires petitions to be based on the notion that the election results would have been different without that error.”

According to The Center Square, the Campaign Legal Center, a well-known left-wing organization, testified in support of the bill.

“SB 603 will make important clarifications and changes to the current recount process to help prevent potential abuses of the system, and to ensure that recounts are conducted only in situations where discrepancies could potentially change the outcome. SB 603 will protect the recount process from being used for partisan purposes.”

A press release from Markkanen states that Republicans have been expressing concerns about certain election processes that are susceptible to “potential fraud.”

“This includes having no system to prevent someone from voting in multiple states. In fact, Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson failed to remove 170,000 names of people who no longer lived in the state from the voter rolls, only finally doing so after she was sued. Under Benson’s leadership, Michigan boasts more registered voters than people over the age of 18, putting the state’s voter registration rate at 102.8 percent.”

Currently, Benson is facing a lawsuit from the Republican National Committee. They allege that her refusal to maintain accurate voter rolls is a violation of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

Markkanen added:

“If Secretary Benson is going to continue to boast a 102 percent success rate, I think she should consider coaching the Tigers or Pistons. I’d love to see how she manages to win more games than the teams are scheduled to play.”

“The Democrats are trying to manufacture a world where they get to celebrate whatever facts they make up for the day while they remove our ability to question anything. Elections aren’t made secure just because someone says so; election security happens when we take the time to scrutinize results and consider all possible problems, whether it be human error or criminal fraud.”

Once again, the Democrats have struck first to facilitate their crimes while Republicans bury their head in their hands and cry, “Whoa, it is me.” The Democrats continue to be the party of “Criminal action,” while Republicans remain the party of “No action.”

The Democrats have just sabotaged the Michigan voting process. They did it in broad daylight under the watchful eye of the Republicans. When will the GOP learn to be preemptive when necessary and vindictive when called for?

Unless the GOP learns to stop bringing knives to Democrat gun fights, the evil agenda of the far-left globalists will continue uninhibited.