Thursday, July 25, 2024

Disney Productions Continue To Flop Like Fish, And It’s Glorious

Go Woke and Go Broke is a lesson that Bud Lite, Target, and others have learned, but if you were going to choose a poster child for a significant shift in approach, Disney movies and productions would be a strong candidate.

Disney’s failures are different. As a franchise, throughout its entire existence, they have been embraced as a trusted family-oriented repose. Their movies, television productions, and theme parks were all places that families could either watch together or visit together. They were so different; their theme parks were often referred to as the Magic Kingdom. Disney’s failures are much more personal and harder to tolerate. A beer brand and a Walmart clone getting stupid is one thing, but for an industry geared toward the family in every way, to do a complete 180-degree flip is quite another.

Normally, there might be some sadness in losing what many consider an American institution. Still, in Disney’s case, their profound arrogance has delighted most people with their struggles. They have moved so far to the left that it’s difficult to comprehend their reasoning. The other reason that they have fallen so far out of favor is that their programming is deliberately geared toward children, so they are knowingly polluting young minds with woke messaging.

Disney pretends that it doesn’t understand why almost everything it touches tanks, but its audiences have made it very clear. They do not want Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lectures in every movie. They don’t want LGBTQ characters injected into movies, especially when, in previous movies, the same character was not that way. They also don’t want characters to change genders or race.

Disney has faced criticism for changing the Indiana Jones franchise by replacing the main character with a female lead. Additionally, the release of Disney’s live-action remake of Snow White has been delayed by at least a year due to backlash over the company’s approach to the classic story, resulting in extensive rewrites and reshoots. Now, fans feel that Disney’s handling of the Star Wars franchise has ruined something once considered untouchable.

How bad has it been for Disney? Marvel Cinematic Universe tiles used to be thought of as cash cows; now, they flop like fish out of water. Forbes has reported that Disney lost $1 billion on four flops last year.

Their latest disaster is from the Star Wars Franchise, which runs on Disney +. Titled The Acolyte, the series’ creators and cast promoted it as “the gayest Star Wars yet.” The woke critics like the show, but the public is sending another clear message to Disney. Dailey Caller reported that the 26 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating The Acolyte garnered is the worst Star Wars rating ever. 

The show’s star, Amanda Stenberg, who identifies as nonbinary, gave an interview in 2018, saying that her goal in the movie The Hate You Give was to “make white people cry.” 

Even though Disney has lost an incredible amount of money and was forced to lay off 7,000 workers, their arrogance has not waned. Despite the message their audiences are sending, their approach has not changed.

This mouse not only continues to bait its own trap but also keeps walking into it. They continue to destroy the public’s perception, and at this point, I doubt they will ever attain the same amount of respect they once had. The luster is off of the magic kingdom, and Disney executives continue to churn out woke flops.

At this point, there are no stars to wish on that will save them from the radical left.